I have Sjogren's Syndrome and Lupus SLE and they've made a huge mess of my oral health, resulting in 20k out of pocket dental work the past four years, so big purchases have been slim, but ... a few years ago I got a (for me) really nice pearl bracelet. A golden south sea one that was just under a grand. I adore it and consider it an investment. Just like my mouth, lol.
I mostly covet jewelry but I'd love a little Furla Jelly Bag, a Chanel bag, or as others have said, a Burberry trench!
I love Pucci and Marni and Valentino, D&G and Missonni but as a 14/16 am (I guess mercifully?!) sized out!
But I like quirky stuff and can relate to edgy/quirky stuff being hard to come by!
I also saw a pink/blue pair of rockstud flats I'd flip for!

I'm with Deborah on the Rick Owens leather jacket. I would love one in a light grey colour..yum. Maybe one day...

My first high-end purchase was back when I was in my 20's and was a fabulous emerald green and white wool v-neck sweater. I don't remember where it came from but it cost a bundle.

I don't purchase high-end often - maybe once every few years - but my favorite high-end purchase would be my white BCBG blazer that I bought while at the Boston Meet-Up in April 2014. Fond Memories!

My most recent high-end purchase was an emerald (my birthstone) and diamond ring.

I don't really covet anything high-end at the moment. If I see something I really love, I'll save up for it.

In the 90's I had a wardrobe of expensive designer clothes and loved them. I lived in a big city and wore them to performances of the symphony, ballet, opera, etc. Now, I'm retired and live in a small city and attend day performances and dress casually. My big purchases have changed and my biggest lately is a chair, the Eames Lounge Chair and Footrest which I love.

I can honestly say that I don't crave high-end pieces. I know my budget limitations, so what's the point of lusting after something that I can't afford?
On the other hand, sometimes something beautiful will catch my eye in a magazine, often with a price tag that takes my breath away. With a wry smile on my face, I find myself wondering who on earth can afford/justify spending that much money on one item: not me, that's for sure!