Ooops--didn't realize you'd lived in Berlin before, and sorry I went into such great detail on weather changes.

epigal, high five! I wear dresses in winter too, usually a sweater dress with a big scarf and thick tights. So cozy! Boots are the footwear that take up most room, so I wear them with the dress.

FashIntern, I enjoyed reading your take on it!

Lots of great info already shared. I also am a ATHLETA fan and have several of their pants for travel/long flights. I find them extremely comfortable, they form to my shape and are NOT binding at all. They hold well up and don't loose their shape. They are excellent for stains and or spills and dry quickly.

I also layer - typically a top/tshirt with a wrap or light/medium jacket. I prefer easy, slip on and off shoes for the airport and have a pair of socks handy in my carry on bag for the actual flight.

Here is a sample of my travel gear/outfits

Good luck and enjoy your trip!

Forgot to mention - all of my ATHLETA pants have ZIPPER pockets which is a MUST for me. Esp as I travel about the airport and or transfers. I can easily fit my cell phone and or passport/ identification in the secured zipper pockets for easy and quick access without taking out my wallet or digging in my bag or backpack. I LOVE zipper pockets.

I am convinced with so many ATHLETA fans here. I have got to try their pants.

I love to travel in comfortable.

Cowlnecks find you, Scarlet !!

I've been traveling in these merino dresses (Icebreaker and Ibex) for years. Various lengths/weights of leggings underneath, plus the bulkiest topper and footwear I'm bringing with me. I pretty much always have a puffy jacket or vest with me on plane trips and use that as my pillow or as an extra layer if it's a particularly frigid flight.