I have 2 pairs of satin cargo pants that I find indispensable for my now 'dressy casual' needs/ more 'low-key party' lifestyle.

As you can see, there is not much but some wrinkling here. But it doesn't bother me too much, because:
A) it's somewhat hidden by the darker colour
B) it's not too extreme due to the fluid upper fit (around my hips/ thighs)
C) this item of clothing fills a more casual-skewing type of party need (not very formal).

So I think it *could* work for you too, but with the above 3 caveats (e.g. you could perhaps try a pair of black satin wide legs?)

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Sal: great palazzo’s! I’ve seen you wear them beautifully in pics, they’re certainly useful in your wardrobe.
Zaeobi: they look fantastic, and they suit your colour palette beautifully. I can’t see any wrinkled fabric at all. Yes, caveats with satin pants…
I’m not quite sure what colour I would look for…. I saw a beautiful wide leg pair in ivory.

On what color to choose, I’d say go wild. Go for whatever in your palette is big and attention-getting. That will back up everything else. The style you’re thinking of is “big”, the fabric itself is ohlala, so complete it with a color that’s also crazy fun. Something that’s true to you, of course, but not in a mousy color, because being timid in these would be an oxymoron.
Just my opinion.

Thanks lol they're from ASOS - which can be useful, for noncommittal trendy looks!

The only reason I mentioned black is just based on my caveats above - if you're worried about creasing, a darker colour (& print) will likely hide that better.

Perhaps an ivory pattern could work for you?

Wow, Jenni your mixmedia pants sound so gorgeously practical. I stayed away of uni satin pants (or skirts) as am afraid of the clinginess& the creases it would show up in no minute on myself. But I do have 2x printed flowy and a creased texture midi skirt in satin which really don't show creases.