I didn't talk about my Papa's style on the blog today because I had other things to say that felt more appropriate. But I do want to complement the post with a forum thread.

My 84 year old Dad likes to wear jeans, checked shirts, leather shoes, comfy socks and bright pullovers. It's a uniform - and his entire wardrobe comes from J.Crew, Levis, the Gap, Banana Republic and Nordstrom. He usually wears a hat, and has always worn fab eyewear. He never wears sneakers, shorts, tees, sweatshirts or any type of gear. He's a casual Modern Classic.

Isabelle (Skylurker) reminded me of the style interview I posted about my Dad six years ago. It's hilarious, so I've reposted it here, if you feel like a chuckle:


Feel free to share your Dad's current style. Pics welcome. I'm working with a client all day, so shan't be able to check in on the thread and reply. But know that I will read, absorb and enjoy what you share. Happy Father's Day. xo