Hi All

In another post I mentioned it has taken me a long time to find my best neutrals - despite being categorised as a "spring" back in the 80s. I have finally worked out what works on me. I am interested what others think are their best neutrals and how they wear them.

For me:

  • Best and most flattering- ivory, camel, toffee,
  • Also good but I hardly have any of - warm olive, chocolate brown,

    a light warm pearly grey

  • Accent colour or away from my face - optic white and navy blue
  • Persevering with because I do love it - black for work, occasion wear and "gear". I like black in summer. I am trying to reduce my black but think I will always have some in my wardrobe.
  • Off my radar totally - charcoal grey, taupe and oatmeal
  • Jewelry and accessory hardware - I can and do wear both gold and silver. But I think gold is slightly better. I prefer gold and silver to rose gold.

What does your list look like?