My favourites were:
1. Double mesh bracelets from witchery (my "wonder cuffs") because I just love the bold touch they add to any outfit. Even if they sometimes get caught on knitwear. Grrrr.
2. Satin floral skirt from Cue. Just sumptuous. Interesting but still work appropriate. I just LOVE Cue. When I get envious of all the retail choice you in the north have, I console myself with the fact that you don't have Cue and I do
3. Military A-line skirt. Because I love the funky 70s vibe.
4. Coated black flares. I almost sent these back because I thought they were too dramatic and I wouldn't wear them. Really, the only thing that stopped me was the high cost of return. But now I love them.
5. Lightweight trench coat from ASOS. Perfect for transitional weather, which I struggle with. Just a nice classic look too.

What fall? It feels like the best fall weather was in August and it's been summer all October. ...
I've had one week so far that it really was cool enough for boots....
But so far my best fall update has been high waisted jeans...part of it's the high waist, part of it's the straight legs, but I think a big part is the denimness of them--high cotton %, low stretch. They feel new and fresh.

This fall coat was my gateway drug into the world of burgundy. One item led to another. I had a few other burgundy items previously, so I have to control myself lest I be head to toe burgundy. It's been a nice break from the color blue all the time.

Ack - what a bunch of great stuff you all have!

Sally - if you're seeing this - where is your burgundy dress from? I want it immediately and to wear it with pristine white Chucks too.

Angie - I got to wear my new SE olive green jacket today. It was only about 5C here, so it finally felt ok. I thought the fur was still a bit over the top for October, but stores are full of it now . Loved wearing it today though !

Oh! kkards reminds me! I think my winner is actually high waist jeans also. I found a pair of button fly, high rise jeans at a consignment store (current season, lightly used) to try out the style. They're faded grey, which is a good versatile update to my wardrobe -- I haven't had light jeans since outgrowing my previous pair a few years ago. I dislike the feel of tight high waist jeans, but the ones that are looser and more vintage styled are great. I've worn them a few times a week since buying them. Now I'm searching for another pair in a darker black. My lower rise skinnies suddenly all feel slightly wrong.

Well, it is nearly 5 pm and it’s 82 degrees. I am waiting for fall. I reordered the combat boots below because the right zipper did not slide well, and the replacement pair feel great. My fussy feet hurt yesterday and all through the night. When these arrived this afternoon I tried them out and now don’t want to remove them. The Blondos from NAS feel like slippers but don’t look as good with skirts.

Whoever thought these would be more comfy than clogs? I will just have to deal with being that mid-sixties woman who wears combat boots and moto boots.

When it’s cold in the morning but in the 60s by lunch....let’s just say dressing is rather a challenge...still haven’t started wearing much of my cold weather clothes.

And worst yet, I had moved my warm weather clothes to my storage closet and have to struggle to find something to wear that’s not too warm.

Thanks all. I may be
bored in my closet but I am not bored here.

I love seeing all the
burgundy and olive! It's really clear what tones are moving most of us. This is
getting me thinking about my own palette. I love the footwear (especially Angie’s Italian booties and Janet’s laceup boots) and the great range of olive pants (Kari’s track
pants, Tex’s embroidered cargos, Elizabeth P’s Dres!).

Brooklyn: I want EVERYTHING. And I want your style. Really, you inspire me so
much. I seem to always have one foot in the seventies and everything you wear
speaks to me. These pieces are fantastic!!!

Classically Casual: That Kensie coat looks amazing (and perfect for when fall finally arrives), and I can picture it with
those great Gap sneakers. Love it!

KKards: Awesome jeans, especially the Alexander Wang. I can't do true high rise
but my best rise is definitely higher than in the past. I love the look of

Diana: I feel like every year I find myself saying
I need a pair of Dres. They’re like the Petty boot of denim: everyone here seems
to have and love them!!!

Greyscale: YES to “my
lower rise skinnies suddenly feel all wrong!” I can’t even bear an 8” rise
anymore. I wore a pair the other day to walk my dogs and got home and ripped
them off. SO uncomfortable!!

Lisap: Olive jacket with fur??? PICTURES please!

Jaileen: The color of that bag is amazing.

So interesting that Stylebook made best purchase for several
of you! I don’t really know anything
about that app. I might have to check it out.

And Muffin, I hope you’ll show the best RTR items. I’m
planning to use RTR for my daughter’s wedding next summer – probably for both a
rehearsal dinner dress and wedding attire.

And my favorite response of all – mixing the visual of lurex
multi-stripe sweaters with Elvis Costello lyrics. Binkle, you’ve provided the best direction of all for
avoiding wardrobe (and world) doldrums. Thank you.

I didn't know you had to pay for Stylebook. I thought I downloaded it for free the other day. Hmm. Wonder what I did. Angie and I have the jacket below, which looks 10 times cooler on than it does in this photo Why does Nordstrom make everything look like it should be in a Sears catalogue?

I'm enjoying burgundy, even though I never thought it was a great color for me. Now I think, anything is better than black!

I acquired the loafers last year, they aren't leather which I dislike but I like the way they look. The sweatshirt and tote bag were from winter 2017 end of season and I hung on to them until now. I know sale shopping doesn't always work but I think these items are so classic, therefore they worked out.

I ordered the sneakers today, they're an Angie pick. Plus I have the scarf and cowl neck top in my Nordstrom cart. With a lot less time than I used to have, I'm letting Angie do some of the work for me.


NZ Label called Tuesday Label. Here is the link. It says here $199 NZD - I think I paid $169NZD in a local stockist. I got a size NZ Large which is about an 8-10 US sizing or US Medium I think.....

I have intended to get more of this label but haven't - a good reminder for me to look again.

If you want help sing out:)

Burgundy plus gunmetal is my jam this Fall. Today I’m in the office doing my version of burgundy boho lite with gunmetal crackle doc-alike combat boots from NAS. I also am looking forward to wearing my burgundy patent platform combats from last year with my plaid pontes from Kut.

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I’ve barely worn fall items since it’s been so warm. However, I am wearing my olive (this year’s NAS) and burgundy (last year’s NAS) Dres a lot. They are light enough to wear in moderate temps.

Brooklyn, BLACK COATED FLARES! I want! Too bad they are all sold out.

Thanks Viva and Janet!

Janet, I am sure you could find something similar. I am surprised you don't have them already

Weather is still too warm to say, but I have high hopes for a pair of knee high, deep brown boots I bought on consignment last year in anticipation that summer would end eventually.

In the winter just past I most enjoyed the blue that was everywhere - I bought a sweater and a hoodie.
I also enjoyed my silver sneakers!

Gosh , I also want all of cocolion’s stuff - especially the Sketchers (Sketchers???) sneakers . I keep putting that damn scarf in my shopping cart . One day I’ll pull the trigger on it .

Brooklyn, I have black flares (just wore them a couple of nights ago to an art event and I love them -- they make me feel taller and thinner!), but coated flares would be awesome. I have not seen any bootleg/flare jeans in any kind of coated, color or pattern treatment yet.

Not a new purchase, but I had a light brown blazer that I hadn't worn for a while and thanks to the blazer revival, I pulled it out and I am enjoying wearing it with a red shirt and a burberry inspired scarf - a new to me color combo.

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The 2016 black cropped soft jacket is at 79 wears. And the 2017 black cropped jeans which are never worn to work have notched up 25 wears. Have there even been 25 weekends since our "fall" when I bought them 2 April? Thanks to YLF for encouraging cropped jeans which I never would have bought otherwise!

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Ann: I love the gunmetal and burgundy combo. That is really fresh - and your items are terrific.

Coco: Your collection is beautiful. I love how the loafers look. Do they stay on?

Aquamarine: Another vote for dres!!!

Lisap: So funny about the Sears catalog! I know what you mean! I have to see that coat on you to be truly convinced.

Jenni: I've never counted wears but you almost have me convinced!!!!

These are the pieces I added to my fall / winter capsule for 2017 (being a Southern Hemisphere person) and I really enjoyed wearing them. The teal velvet skirt was an easy way to get into the velvet trend, and the colour is so rich. Easy to wear, with a cream, grey or blush knit.

The knit dress, with a gingham pattern is a super comfy favourite. So easy to wear.

I like the blue peplum dress, good for work and also for date night. This piece seems to be very versatile and being washable, makes it an easy fallback option.

My play with metallics. A Zara raincoat for rainy days and my metallic boots. Both go with everything!

We're just now starting to see some cooler Temps (around 80 for the highs), so I'm now able to at least THINK about fall clothes. I actually don't have a "refresh" going on so much as a "redo". I've gained some weight and my life & work have trashed some (a lot of) clothes and shoes so I'm trying to build on the new color palette I started with in spring.

I think the pieces that will get the most use are the sweats and skinnies I got from h&m recently. I have exactly 2 pairs of full length jeans now, so yeah, these will have to become heavy hitters.

A light-weight floral bomber (black background, a pattern of pink cherry blossoms with touches of mint and turquoise here and there). I fell in love with it immediately (very rare event!), feels very "me" (also very rare). I am so happy with it ! Bought on September 30th, up to date has been worn 10 times.

It has gotten down near 70 overnight several times now, so I guess that’s Florida fall. The wardrobe item I’m looking forward to most isn’t a purchase; it is a suede jacket I bought years ago and almost never wore. I got it our recently and think I look pretty decent in it

DonnaF, those are great boots. How are you wearing them?

I'm have been loving my Reebok metallic sneakers--I have never got so many comments as I do from the red ones! my feet have been over the top fussy lately, so its nice to have something fun to wear.

Red jeans were on my radar for a long while--I finally found these from NYDJ. I usually wear dark bottoms so they are a big change for me. I have all the reds and fuchsias to wear with them for Fall-OVER the TOP color blast----I just need to feel the right day (and confidence) for all that color....

The black jeans with ankle lacing detail are already in strong rotation, and super comfy. Have finally have been wearing a moto that has been sitting around in the closet. Been feeling the wardrobe "blahs" lately, so trying to amp things up a bit, I wear tons of black but love to see all the color in the fall shows!

love seeing all the other refreshers! Brooklyn's cuffs are awesome & would be great with my wonder woman shoes!

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