Glad you can join us favfas. Wear the jeans and the tee!
Sisi your outfit will keep you toasty here....thanks for bringing the Gorgonzola!
Bijou, we’ll be waiting for you!
Angie, glad you and Sam are joining us! Several other Fabbers are in their pjs too!
LOL Cee! The lobster is VERY fresh.....fresh off the boat! I picked them all up at the pier and was able to avoid the rude pinchers.

No! I could never come as I am! I would have to scurry up the stairs and quickly change.

Funny story. My fire alarm was going off and not one, but three, fire trucks showed up at my door. I managed to run upstairs and change clothes before answering the door. I am that fast.

No fire. False alarm. TERRIBLY EMBARRASSING.

I'm once again wearing what I had on last night--berry colored leggings and violet T-shirt, both from Life is Good. I'll be right over, with the champagne we didn't even touch on New Year's--this sounds like a great occasion for it!

Sterling, the fire dept came to our place once. I had milk jugs to be recycled sitting on the back of the stove, turned on the wrong burner. I called just to ask if I could put them out in the sink (thinking the water might make them burn worse, like oil, because they're made from petroleum). I don't remember how many fire trucks & ambulances showed up--several. The rental office to find out what was happening (because of course, if our place was burning, we'd have time for a phone call). 4 or 5 firefighters in full gear came in and terrified my baby. They were very nice, but he was 2 years old and I guess they looked kinda scary! I think I was wearing a flannel nightie, but I'm not sure. I just know they said they weren't allowed to take the freshly-baked brownies I offered them.

Late to the party (again). I am wearing my flannel PJs with wolves on them. I also have on a fleece jacket. It is minus 3000 degrees outside. I am north of Krish. I will have to put on my Sorels and parka to get to Maine.

Sterling, you are welcome to join us however you are dressed.....that’s the whole idea of the’s not about the clothes, it’s about the people, but if you would have more fun by changing, please do! Sorry about the smoke alarm! At least you know the response time of your local department!
Fashintern, yes, champagne! A toast to all the Fabbers!
Style Fan, flannel pjs, Sorels and your’ll look like you belong here!

I’d love to come!I m wearing straight leg dark denim blue jeans,white long sleeved top with red cashmere boyfriend cardi over the top,scarf with owls on and pearl earrings so I m warm and comfy but socially acceptable!

If I had seen this first thing yesterday, I'd have been wearing my PJs. So Angie and I could have cuddled up under a blanket near the roaring fire and sipped our tea together.

But if time zones were the same, I'd have been dressed in my playful pencil skirt outfit! I would have needed to add a warmer coat because the Maine temps. require it. Plus some mits! But otherwise, I'd have been really comfy at your party!

You have the best ideas, Mainelady, and you add so much fun and joy to the forum. Many thanks. Off to read the rest of the comments.

Well, I'd be coming from work so wearing knee high boots, fleece tights, knit midi skirt, graphic Darth Vader tee, and a knit blazer. This outfit is actually super comfortable so I'd be happy wearing it a few hours longer (usually I change into comfies as soon as I walk in the door).

Cardiff Girl, Suz and Sara L. Yeah! I was wondering if you would make it! There is still plenty of food (how is it that no matter how many people, come to a party and eat, there are always leftovers?! ) DH has loaded more wood for the fireplace and I noticed he snuck a lemon bar on his way past the table. They are hard to resist. Fabbers are all talking like life long friends and of course the topic of the moment is monikers. Lots of fun!

Who knew lobsters could flamenco dance so well !?

They do have built-in castanents I suppose !

Extremely late (and new) to the party but rushing out in my burgundy sleep tee, grey tracks and fuzzy socks. Topped with a messy bun. Can I still come if I bring along some steaming chai spiced with cardamom and ginger and a platter of fresh strawberries an pineapple?

RainB, better bring extra tea--I love cardamom & might drink a little more than my share.

RainB, welcome! It is never too late! Thanks for bringing the spiced chai......perfect to keep us toasty warm on the inside too!