Boot cut jeans, a black and navy cotton knit turtleneck sweater, navy wool socks, white sneakers. I'll bring peanut butter chocolate chip cookies - fresh out of the oven!

Hmm... It doesn't look like an EVIL cowlneck, so OK...

Anne, you sound ready! C’mon over!
Taylor, you can join the column of black club when you get here. The garlic bread and potatoes with cauliflower sound delicious!
BJ1111 I hope you aren’t still stuck on the tarmac.....the weather in DC is not good. We will save you a seat and yes, you can help melt the butter!
Bonnie, your jumper is so cute! I am sorry to hear about your cold....saving you a seat by the fireplace, too!
Featherwitch, your outfit sounds so cute. Don’t worry about the hair. The winds are blowing here, too. Besides, you’ll be among friends.

Aha LaPed, yours are leather lined - that might be the difference ...

Christina F, those are cute joggers! Don’t worry about the robe (bet you won’t be the only one wearing one)!
Cjh, can you bring one of your “quilt skirts”? I’d like to see one! Mmmmm, the salad sounds delicious! I will have some of that, please.
Wendy, you sound cute and cozy! Head this way!
Bennett, I can’t wait to see your onesie pajamas and yes, bring your wine. We wouldn’t want it to go to waste.

Evie, your outfit is beautiful! It sounds like you had a very nice day.....and can end it with the Fabbers!
Sal, that is also a great outfit and I bet it looks wonderful with the red sandals, but the rules are the rules!
Yes, Kathie, come join the fun! I think it will be more fun than football. I’m all set now that the Patriots won. Mmm. Lemon bars will be delicious!
Mmmm, Runcarla, the dessert bar is getting better. I’m making room for the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!
Cee, I guarantee, no evil! Trust the lobster and please join us!

So fun! I'm wearing black fleece pants, a burnt orange Moth v-neck sweater with a white tee, and orange winter Converse high tops. I made basmati rice pudding today, so I'll bring that and bubbly water.

Food is sounding as great as the company !

I’ve just taken my dog for a long walk. I’m wearing black skort, black and white tee and black and white Eileen Fisher sandals. Leather necklace, silver jewellery. I think I will be cold at your party But I’m looking forward to some Maine lobster, yummy!

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Roberta I want to see your orange Converse! I’ve never had basmati rice pudding before. I look forward to trying it!
I agree Taylor! Good food and lots of fun Fabbers!

Brooklyn, you might be cold, but only for a moment! I have a fire roaring in the fireplace and lots of cozy throw blankets. We’ll get you a seat by the fire and hand you a blanket. And then comes the lobster bib!

I’ve gotta say, this is a fun bunch! I am having such a good time imagining you all coming through the door and accessorizing with a lobster bib. It’s a game changer.

Ooh, that sounds good. I’ll bring a pavlova smothered in mango and passion fruit. Very Australian

Brooklyn that pavlova sounds delicious! Cuisine from around the globe!

Haha oh dear I will be in my grey track pants and light blue tee shirt with black socks! Gahhh!
But the lobster bib will hide all outfit problems right?

Jussie, if you are comfy and cozy, then that is all that matters. But yes, the lobster bib will cover your front and most of your lap. No worries!

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I just got back from a meeting at church. I started the day with the vest but came home for lunch and exchanged the vest for the jacket. My black knee socks have little sparklies but somehow didn’t make it into my Finds. The pants shown are navy but the ones I am wearing are black. They have a little stretch so are comfy. The dress is flannel and I have Heattech underneath so am extra cozy. First time I wore the hand warmers. They are mostly acrylic and very cheap; I don’t expect them to last long.

Party sounds fun but it’s been a long day.

Donna F, your outfits for the day are great. Both the vest and jacket are beautiful! There’s still plenty of good company and food, so come on over, if you’d like!

Fun! I don't remember ever having been invited to one of these; I didn't know they existed.

Right now I have on a dark gray turtleneck, a burgundy faux leather flippy skirt, and dark gray tights. I would probably throw on some black boots to complete the look.

Joggers, tee shirt, slippers, aloe infused fuzzy socks, moldavite necklace

Whoa! It being minus 2046 degrees here in Canada right now, you would see me like this: wool leggings, huge wool socks, thermo turtleneck, tunic sweater, boiled wool wrap topper, large long scarf wrapped several times around my neck and one of my wigs worn in lieu of tuque (lol).
Jokes aside, what a fun thread!

Gray Star Fleet Medical Corp sweatshirt (bought in 1993, indestructible), gray Lans End sweatpants, black ankle socks, and a red snuggie. If I had to put on shoes, it would be my red Lands End snow boots. I have a matching red Squall parka.

Shellfish allergy, but will come for brownies.

Would not miss it! Lobster! I just got back from a crab cake dinner at a neighborhood cafe and am wearing my Paige black Hoxton step- hem jeans, black booties and a dark green sweater with a long scarf with scarf in green. black, dark red, white and mustard. I am relaxing befor the fire listening to coyotes howl near by.

Ha, I just woke up and it is cold in the house, thrifted cashmere men's sweater, over one sweatshirt, over one Beatles tee, over a sports tank, over a sports bra (because I will eventually be working out), J Crew sweats. All thrifted but the bra and tank.

Ack! Am I too late?! I have Ghirardelli brownies and an open bottle of Pinot!

Today’s outfit for chasing screaming 4yo’s at a birthday party was an olive ribbed turtleneck, skinnies, a fuzzy bomber, and winter vans. After an unfortunate frosting incident at the party, I changed into my fleece Star Wars pj pants and Janie and bleeker socks. Not cute... But hey, brownies and wine!

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Gigi that is a super cute outfit! Love the skirt!
Cindysmith, I never heard of aloe infused socks. I need to investigate those.
Krish, it is a bit warmer here...windchills at -2. You can shed some layers once you get inside.
Leslie, don’t worry, we have plenty of other food and yes, brownies. Your sweatshirt sounds fab and Lands End will keep you cozy.
Joy I bet that dark green looks gorgeous on you! Sitting by the fire and listening to the coyotes....very peaceful! We have been watching the deer feed. We don’t usually hear the coyotes until the middle of the night, or just before sunrise.
Shevia, your thrifted layers sound perfect for staying warm. Layers, lots of layers!
Nemosmom, not too late. Let me melt some more butter. Sorry about the frosting event, but Love the Star Wars pj bottoms. At our house we call those “cabin pants”.

Thank you all for joining in the fun. What a great night!
It’s a new day and I am packing lobster salad for lunch. Dessert and coffee for breakfast!

Have a great day, Fabbers!

Well, I would love to wear jeans and t-shirt as I feel much comfortable in this style but if it is a pob party then I love to wear dress.

Is the party still on? If only I could quit the office and catch the first plane ! It would be funny to tell boss and coworkers "Sorry, I have to go to a party in Maine!" Haha. Imagine their faces. I am at work, dressed in a casual way: blue pullover, olive cargo pants, silver slipons. Cobalt puffer, grey wool beret and gloves. I can bring a big piece of creamy Italian gorgonzola cheese.

Why did I not look at this when I was at work and looking presentable!

I am wearing my karate gi having completed a karate class. Think I had better jump in the shower before coming, and put on a nice clean gi rather than being a sweaty mess at the party.


Mainelady, you're fun - and so is this thread. It's 6.28am here, so I'm in pjs. So is Sam.

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How fresh is the lobster ?

*Sound of someone screaming and clutching their pinched bottom*

Yeah, that's one FRESH lobster !