Heather, you can share my closet any time if I can borrow from yours. You found the perfect top for the challenge.
QM, those white pants are gorgeous on you. Pink flowy vest thingy or not, you look yummy and have me craving strawberry sorbet.

I really struggled with this one. I've been so color-focused all week and I literally had no green or the right coral/pink color. I tried a redish print top but it was most unflattering (on to the donate pile it goes) I had to do a last minute change before rushing out and didn't really feel great about it (that and my hair is a disaster hence the cross expression), but I tried to capture vertical lines. The top actually has tiny white dots in vertical stripes so it works.
Top Anthropologie
Jeans: Kut
Jacket: Talbot's
Shoes: Miz Mooz

I really have enjoyed this entire week and am loving all the entries and comments. Today I have to drool over Suz' skirt. My fave of the day.

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Jjsloane, I think you look great! And I, too, really struggled with this one. Which I think is kind of odd, because it seems like the most colorful, prettiest photo ought to have been the easiest. Maybe it was harder because it was Friday and we had decision fatigue?

Not feeling it today - but here it is. The first pic (with the pink sweater is a little too "girly" for me. I tried to "toughen" it up with the black with silver studded belt and the silver shoes trimmed in black - I thought the silver could represent the water (also my liquid silver and black necklace! ) The dress is a sleeveless watercolory print which I bought solely because I fell in love with the print. In the 2nd pic, I put on my black leather jacket which made me feel much more comfortable with the dress - I guess its' just more my style - but not the right season for the jacket!

Bella - this has just been the most fun week! Although I haven't had the time to comment on everyone's individual pics, I have very carefully looked at each one and marveled at all of the beautiful interpretations. Thank you to everyone who participated - you all inspired me! And thank you to Bella for the GREAT idea! Lets do it again real soon!

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this week, it has been all kinds of fun! Bella, thank you for organizing this challenge again. And thanks also to everyone who participated; whether you posted outfits or just commented, it has been a pleasure!

I adore this photo. I'd earlier said that day 2 was my favorite, but I've changed my mind The most inspiring thing to me were the fuchsias, reds, and oranges, but aside from red these colors are not represented in my wardrobe. So instead I looked at the blues/greens, and at the water.

_Flowing color_
I LOVE the way the colors flow into each other, so subtly and smoothly, and before you know it one color has turned into another color entirely. I'd wanted to mimic that effect, but this requires having subtle variations of several colors, and, as I've learned this week, nearly all of my color is contained in tops. So I decided to simplify that effect, and did green-to-blue; I added pops of red (shoes, bag, lipstick) and yellow (scarf) to hint at some of the other colors in the photo, and white (necklace, dress's dots) to represent the white tree trunks. These colors also mimic the vertical position in the photo; the greens are near the top, blue center, and reds near the bottom.

_Water effect_
Separate from the colors, I love the movement of the water. In tribute to that, I selected items that are unstructured/floppy/layered to mimic that fluid effect. Also left my wavy hair down

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Ummm, Marley, excuse me. UNINSPIRED???? SHEESH, woman! Those outfits are gorgeous!

Jjsloane - thank you for the skirt love, and you look lovely in those blues. The white stripes do recall the birches.

Heather, I am having so much fun imagining you dashing through the airport in that gorgeous outfit. Loved both your interpretations. That top is fantastic!

Marley! LOVE THAT DRESS!! Can't believe you're not feeling it because you look divine and utterly embody the photo!

Aida, you look so beautiful today! *waving at my wavy hair sister* You have a lot going on in this outfit but the overall effect is beautiful and serene -- just like in the inspiration photo!

Oh...Aida! You look SO gorgeous in that outfit. I absolutely love it. Those beads that echo the bits of white in your skirt, the colours, the textures—WOW!!!!!

I've been loving everyone's outfits, although I have not had much time to comment (and I've been the last poster every day, so if you missed my outfits go back and look! I've been posting at 10pm PST, when most of you are sound asleep. *sigh*)

Picked the top for the water color element.

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I have to say that even though most of us felt this has been the hardest picture yet, today's outfits are my favourite of the whole week! I had a tough time with this picture too and in the end had to go summer-ier (?) than autumnal. Still, this is the first time I got around to pairing the jacket with this dress. And that being the ultimate goal of this challenge, for me it's a win! Also, this is the first outing for these wooden bangles my sister brought for me from India when she was visiting last month.

Bella, thank you SO much for organizing this, it has been all kinds of fun

Ornella, you are hilarious!

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Jeneva, I'm going back to make sure I haven't missed you in the madness!

Vani - AMAZING bracelets and earrings!

And Tracina - that is a lovely top and looks beautiful on you.

It's interesting that so many of us felt like this was the hardest photo... I also had the most trouble with this photo, despite the fact that it is my favorite photo of the bunch AND contains my favorite color palette (deep jewel tones). I think my problem was that a)I am kind of over color blocking these days and way more into pattern mixing, which wouldn't really work here and b) my winter wardrobe contains more appropriate things than my summer wardrobe for this palette (while my summer wardrobe has much of the same colors it's also generally brighter and has more white, while I felt like this photo needed a dark background). Even the shawl was stretching it a little bit since I could only wear it indoors in the AC today. My personal challenge in addition to the main challenge was that I actually had to wear all the outfits out of the house, to lab, etc, so everything had to be more or less weather appropriate.

I am sorry haven't time to read all comments by put will be back. l
just wanted to say how wonderful this idea is Bella:). Next time I would so like to participate:). You are all so brilliant with your interpretations of these works of art. I have so enjoyed checking in this week to see what you put together. Totally inspirational and fun. Thank you!

Bella and the ladies who participated : though I did not participate, I LOVED this whole theme and I looked forward to it every.single.day !!

( MARLEY ! You may not have been feeling it today...but you sent shock waves all the way to the East Coast. You look so wonderful ! )

Well ladies, today's challenge was SUCH a joy to look through! I have been anxiously waiting to see how this photo would be interpreted, with so many colors represented. Out came so many unique and special pieces, beautiful jewelry, and a fresh wave of creativity. Truly inspiring.

Suz, what a magnificent skirt! The colors and print are so pretty. I hope you get an evening to wear this to soon

Bella, the bright green+bright blue color pairing anchored with the white looks awesome. And I love that not only did you get some red in with your shoes, but also it looks like your nails are red too.

Kari, both interpretations are fab. I'm especially fond of the one you wore today, those muted jewel tones look smashing.

Joy, your dress is gorgeous! What are the colors like on the opposite side? I think the navy cardigan works perfectly with it, and really, most colors would! I also enjoyed reading your thoughts behind this outfit. (I also selfishly hope that you will continue to post outfits, because I have loooooved seeing you this week!)

Rae, you are all legs in this outfit, lady I like that your jacket is a somewhat muted green, really lets your bag (always happy to see that beauty!) POP out against the black. This is a color combo I haven't seen, I must keep it in mind!

Lynne, your outfit shines as the perfect transitional outfit to me. Light-but-not-too-light on top, dark-but-not-too-dark on bottom, with splashes of muted summer colors in the scarf. The necklace is a small but beautiful detail (and pfaw, your neck looks lovely ^^). I'm looking forward to you filling your new found wardrobe gaps

Yellowgirl, that fiery orange-red looks super on you! My favorite thing about that color is it works well for both summer and fall; for fall, add dark pants like you're wearing and for summer, add white shorts. Your chunky jade cuff is the perfect accessory here!

Diana, your shawl is just beautiful, the colors and the crochet pattern both work so nicely together. I can see why you opted for the black top, but I do think a white or light gray would have also worked as far as creating a more "summery" look as you mentioned in your later post. I think you could also take this into fall really easily, if you wanted; long sleeve black top, dark jeans, shiny shoes, and beautiful colorful shawl

cjh, great color mixing here! The bright, cheerful colors are all so nicely anchored by the denim skirt, and the green paisley is a great subtle nod to the trees.

Mary, Mary, I exaggerate only slightly when I say I think you could mix almost anything you own and have a fitting tribute to this photograph I do love the colors you decided upon, they are the perfect watercolor version of those saturated tones in the photo. Your hair looks SUPER cute wavy like this, too!

Ornella, your Michelle scarf is stunning. The print and colors are just lovely, and suit you very well (I need to find a scarf like this!). Fab job dressing the look up, too; the white belt is the perfect extra touch of brightness. *wipes away a tear* And your Oscar speech was so very moving!

Anna, yay glad you were able to play today! I dig those skinnies, that candy pink is just delicious (get it? get it? ) I adore the combo of pink+yellow+gray, and have to say your jewelry and shoe collection is The Best.

Heather, yay two looks! That top is AMAZing, I cannot believe it's F21. Sweet droplet necklace, too. The pants version is so very fall and the skirt so very summer, love it! I think those are the best skinny cargos I have ever seen, serious.

Kim, I adore your interpretation (only slightly biased, as those are the colors I loved most from the photo ^^). And you can say that the denim vest represents the water that we this reflection on

Jjsloane, you look cute! I like this top, it definitely echoes the serenity from the photo and really evokes the water. Hooray for finding tops that need to go, onto better and more fab things!

Marley, I can see why you fell for that amazing print I think for #1 if you swapped the cardigan for a short navy or black blazer you'd have felt a lot less girly, but really, that pink is so very pretty on you!

tracina, I love the print of your top, and also all the different blues you have in your outfit. Those yellow wedges are fun! Your hair also looks very lovely.

Vani, well I for one am glad your jacket and dress were able to go out together! I've really fallen for white+green this summer, though have hardly worn it. I've got a green shirt dress that's begging to play with my white blazer, I just didn't realize until I saw your outfit! Love the plum shades of your scarf paired with this.

Mary and Suz, thank you for the sweet comments ^^ I should add that tying my shirt up like this was Heather's idea (you may recall that it's too large for me), I just haven't had the courage to try until now!

And after seeing so many watercolor influences, I've realized I totally have a blue watercolor print dress that would have worked WAY better than this dotty dress! But I didn't even think about it because, you know, this was a photograph not a painting (silly me!).

Finally getting back to my computer after supper, weekend planning with DH, etc. And last night my internet was down, so I couldn't finish my comments on yesterday's posts - all fabulous outfits, ladies, that posted after mine.

As to today's posts and photos:
Suz, gorgeous skirt and even moreso with the sash - love the necklace, too! Hope you get to enjoy wearing this more often.

Bella, pretty combo, alot like mine in the color blocking choices. Thanks SO MUCH for running this fun challenge! Hope we do it again sometime.

Kari, pretty outfits. You sure rock a pencil skirt, girl. And those nice rich colors are all for you.

Joy, what a beautiful dress. Keep on posting, I love your style.

Rae, great colors, even though solid (as a rock?) - and I love that bag!! Don't you love it when stepping up to a challenge turns to such success?

Lynne, another soft beautiful interpretation. That pendant is very pretty - and so is your skin. Did you see my jewelry close up yesterday??? Talk about t-necks...

Yellowgirl, what a pretty top! Adding the teal bangle and filligree earrings bring up to perfection.

Diana, that shawl is so pretty - what a unique piece that seems to embody your happy and colorful style.

Mary K, amazing as usual!@! Jacket=perfect. Skirt, bag, heels=moreso!

Ornella - great speech - bravo and a standing ovation!!! I must agree with your sentiments in total. And your outfit: perfect pure background for the that beauty of a scarf.

Anna, nice interpretation of the colorful picture. The pink skinnies and purple bracelet rock!

Heather, very cool top and looks cool for this hot weather season. I love it with the pink skirt - shows off your great legs.

QM, yes on the vest! And way to go putting your new clothes (pretty floral top) right to work this week. White jeans=gorgeous!

JJ, don't feel too bad, you at least made a spot in your closet for something new and wonderful. I like your top and jacket and great fitting jeans. Neat and classy.

Marley, you're right about the leather jacket being more YOU, but the print dress is pretty fab, so it's also YOU.

Aida, what can I say? I thought yesterday's b&w combo was the best, but today's tops all. Dots-pearls; scarf-tortoise shell - LOVE your details and the photos.

Tracina, lovely top, and also envying your great yellow sandals!

Vani, great job on bringing together the green, white, plum, pretty earrings and new bracelets. You look very put together and pretty.

And thanks to all for your compliments and comments back to me. If you aren't tired of reading my post by now, you might get a kick out of the fact that I didn't even realize my green top was paisley until you pointed it out and I looked closer at my photo. I bought it a few weeks ago for the bright summery color, and kind of had in my mind that it was a type of ikat print. But wow, paisley is even better!!! YAY. Crazy, huh?

Jenava, I went back and looked at your outfits. Sorry I missed them before! The blue sweater and brown bag play off each other giving the outfit a glow (on Wed.) And your red/yellow combo is yummy - NOT because you felt like condiments. I think they worked so well due to the black and white checks - and those blue shoes - man, I wish I could wear those things. They are great, and on you with this outfit - fantastic!

Oh, cjh, you are TOO kind to mention it. I was feeling a bit left out but this is how my schedule is. I have genuinely enjoyed everyone's outfits, even if mine have been a bit late and harried!

Here is day 5. These pants are from J. Crew and I'm sure Angie would scold me for the length! I have the perfect forest green sweater but it was too heavy for today, so I compromised with this pale olive green cropped jacket. The updo (which I did not get a good picture of) and the ruffled-front top are both nods to the romantic feel of the photo.

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Thank you all for your nice words and comments for my looks and commenting throughout the week.

Btw, I have noticed one thing lately, not just in this challenge - there are a lot of RED SHOES going on to add the final pop of color in our outfits. Great!

@H, you knocked me over with the trousers. More of this look please (so I can take notes for my next life).

@QM, whatever the process behind this was, this IS the look. To think you whipped this non-sherbet look up just like that is nothing short of inspiring. That denim vest is one fantastic piece.

@Jjsloane, this is great, very relaxed look, I love it on you. The black jacket frames everything so nicely. It's casual look, yet has enough form to pass as a good look for the work too.

@Marley, you'd be forgiven for submitting the girly look as well, but the one with moto jacket is just great. I love examples like this, when we see one thing in action, two different ways. The dress is just spectacular and I am so glad the challenge helped bring it to out attention AND made you post a bit more often. And I love the comparison of two looks and really seeing what it is that works for yo and why.

@Aida, I just love how you reduced overall color effect to smaller palette, yet still make the look burst with color. Where do I start reconstructing this?? Nowhere, I'll leave it as it is, enjoy it, keep taking notes, envy on that necklace and yes - take the hint - try accessorizing with the scarf on my bag at last. Just like Bella, you did one of the color combinations that we played a lot with the last time, blue and green, and made it look very summery.

@tracina, yet another simple, feminine look, with fab shoes to give the clue there was a lot of thought behind putting it together. I am so glad I could follow your style experiments this week and get to 'know' you better. That top really makes your eyes pop.

@Vani, everything about this look promised summer even from the distance. The closer look at the earrings and bangles just reaffirmed it. I just love the dress and the white jacket, and the color of the scarf bringing fuchsia to the font as well makes this overall combination a real discovery to me. You look so fresh, there is something very organic about the whole thing, probably because the bangles are wooden (the first time I came across such) and they give everything such a lovely tone.

@Jenava, I love how you played with the colors for this challenge. It's so refreshing and new to my eye and so wonderful to see the combinations I would not be brave to put together myself. You *always* look so classy. Even yesterday's Ketchup&Mustard look as you called it (sorry, I didn't have time to comment then) made me really stop and look, I absolutely loved it. Your hair today is just beautiful.

Gosh, girls, Friday has been the best day yet!

Ornella, I too am applauding your speech, and wiping away tears. Bella has done a brilliant job organizing this and its been so fun to discover new combinations. And I am so glad you listened when the Michelle scarf called your name - it's lovely and your classic wardrobe is the perfect backdrop for it.

Anna, you rock those jeans like nobody's business! And your Marni sandals are too cute. I'd love to see them with the mustard cullottes from Angie's blog post, too!

Heather, you, Aida, and Malina are the co-queens of Team Gorgeous Long Locks. And your jewellry layering is always the best.

Kim, adding the denim vest to make it your own is a part of what I think this challenge was about; being inspired while remaining true to your style. Love it.

JJ, the watery print on your top is very serene and calm, and works beautifully with your golden hair. You would rock a skirt like Suz's!. When we were in Edinburgh I saw a lot of girls with your colouring wearing camel/caramel coats and boots with black tights inbetween - it's a fab look that redheads pull off better than anyone.

Marley, both these looks are fab. And on a day when you're feeling more girly, please wear the cardi for me - I love it!

Aida, this is one of your BEST YET. I don't recall seeing this dress before? I love this fluid look on you, and your wavy hair down is the best. You, Malina, and Heather are the Hair Queens of YLF.

Tracina, you look calm and serene, and I love your hair. I love the blues in this top and would wear it in a heartbeat.

Vani, I don't recall seeing this jacket before - it's lovely with the watch and this dress! And your plant has nailed this picture with those earrings :). I love the addition of the scarf on your bag; I'm yet to master this look. You shoes are a textbook example of Angie's How To Wear Bright Shoes post!

Jenava, I am sorry for missing your posts; I'll go back and look now. Those pants are diving and I love your Chanel-ish bag! To cool.

Jeneva, LOVE the way you worked those colours! And yellow shoes.....oooooh.