You all look amazing! What a wonderful opportunity you had to meet up and find some fashion. West coast fab!

I cannot imagine more fun shopping buddies! You all look like you had a wonderful time and look incredible, the photos are simply amazing.

Look at you lovely ladies!!! Could you be any more stylish!! And big smiles to boot (no surprise, of course;-)
Jeanne and Sharan, I love picture 7!!-)

And excellent loot too, yay!!!

such a stylish group! looks like a great time was had! thanks for sharing

Everyone looks so happy and glamorous! I love the picture of everyone smiling and wearing their sunnies (except for Sharan who has fab glasses anyways!).

Looks like sooooo much fun! Can’t wait to see all the loot

Looks like a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing.

happy to see You all look FAB!:-)

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. VERY fun afternoon. Wish you could have joined us. We has lots of fun in the dressing room trying on high waisted tapered jeans - aka "Mom Jeans". Giggles galore.

Joy, YES. That's exactly what I said - fab with white jeans...

Sisi, Jeanne and I love a fab floral.

Jeanne, LOVE your new stuff. You had me with the white...

Yup, we rocked our eyewear

How fun! You all look so stylish and happy!

How fantastic all around - the smiles, the styles and the weather!

Such pretty pictures of you all, looks like it was a perfect day weather-wise! And Zara is really hitting it out of the park too - with Jeanne's pile of finds and Angie's new top. Love it all

Glad that you all had a great time,looking good ladies!

What fun! Beautiful pictures - you all look amazing. It looks like fabulous shopping too. Wish I could have been there...:-)

Everyone looked fabulous. It sounds like everyone had a great time.

Glam girls.

A stunning group of ladies! You all positively glow and look so fab! I’m envious of all of those Seattle peeps that got to see you all in person!
@firecracker—you have such lovely blue eyes! I didn’t know that!!

Great photos! Wish I could have been there.

Super fun! You all look gorgeous!

So jealous - you look like you’re having a ball. And it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that you all look fabulous!

Yay! What a lovely gathering! YLF meetups are the best!

Beautiful ladies!!!

Thanks, ladies. I wish you were ALL there.

Wooohooo! SO FUN, and so lovely to see you gals As expected everyone was dressed wonderfully: Kari had the cutest sheer dotty hose which worked perfectly with her bespoke gray suede pumps; Firecracker was wearing one of her amazing creations, an asymmetrical tunic with a print of Amsterdam; Jeanne's floral sweater couldn't have been more perfect for her coloring; and Angie's floral dress over crops looks fresh as can be. Already looking forward to the next one ^^

(Anna we missed you, hope you're feeling better!)

HUGS, Aida. Miss you. Our time together was too shirt