Thank you, Angie and Greg.
I am grateful that you have the last decision on these matters. Sometimes a post might feel off but we never know what is on the other side, especially on these times.

Thank you for all you do, YLF Team!

Thank you for explaining the thought process behind your moderation. This year has really highlighted the need for greater wisdom!

Thanks for the kind words, encouragement and co-operation, everyone. Much appreciated!

Thank you, Angie, Greg, Inge (and CEO Sam) for creating this wonderful space.

Very thoughtful description, Angie. Your efforts show here.

Much gratitude to the entire YLF team for creating and maintaining the opportunity for community. The current times put an extra emphasis on the importance of not only what we do, but the tone we do it with. I am also appreciative of how aware of that members here seem to be.

Thanks so much. Appreciate the compliments and respectful comments.