Congratulations! And best of luck. So exciting.

Rachy, good point about the shirttails. Though looking at my schedule, the second day is more casual (no presentation, no fancy dinner). So maybe I'll wear a casual outfit of the white shirt and nicer jeans (not the ones in the photo) so they don't catch on that I only ever wear black.

Also looking at the photos, I'm keeping the new silk shirt even if it's a modest splurge ($88) because it fits SO WELL and looks more professional than the edgier square one. I'll just have to wear a lot more silk this summer (and figure out how to wash them carefully).


Of the toppers, I like #2 best - edgy but with authority. I also love the floral tee and your new everlane silk shirt. But everything really looks good on you. The only one I'm hesitant about is white oxford, which reads a bit too casual for this situation

Day 1 is over. I wore the Madewell slim boyfriend jeans, the floral silk tee, and the vest. It worked well. Thanks for the advice!

I couldn't decide what pants to wear so I packed 4 pairs for a 5 day trip. Good thing summer clothes don't take up much space!

It was close to 80 today in New Haven and beautiful. Flowering trees, warm breezes.

And day 2 is over, and I’m relaxing at my parents’ house. I wore the outfit in photo 12: R13 crossovers, new Everlane silk shirt. That shirt is so good. Highly recommend for people of my general proportions (the deep V might not be for everyone).

Interesting that the pair of very polished skinnies I brought (not shown in photos) just felt like the wrong silhouette with all the tops, though they were interview standbys last year. The slightly wider leg of the Madewell jeans seemed better.

I won’t hear the outcome for at least a month. This process is killing me.

All the outfits are great.
I love how you are incorporating dark floral into your wardrobe.
I also think your blazer/jacket is really sharp.
The tight v-neck is also very nice.

Good luck!
Does this mean you might be moving?