Omigosh, what gorgeous wedding photos. So Jane Austen. Very romantic

Congratulations on 40 years! You both look spectacular--then and now! Gorgeous wedding dress as well--timeless! Hope you saved it for a future generation to wear!

Awwww both of you look gorgeous- then AND now!!! Congratulations!! <3

Look how cute you both are! Congrats.

You look beautiful Carla and hubs looks very handsome. LOVE your outfits!
congratulations to you both!

What a beautiful set of wedding photos! Happy Anniversary! You look as fab today as you did then.

Congratulations! You both look fantastic today and 40 years ago. Gorgeous wedding pictures. I love your wedding dress.

Fabulous!! Happy anniversary!!

Congratulations - you guys must have been mere babies! I share my birthday with your anniversary though I was born a dozen years before your nuptials.

You must be very proud and grateful for such a long partnership. I’m in awe.

You both look so lovely and happy, Carla: such a wonderful day to celebrate!

Congratulations! You are a very attractive, stylish and, most importantly, happy looking couple.

Congratulations to you and DH on a 40- year partnership!! You are a striking couple. Happy anniversary!!


Beautiful Congratulations!

Congratulations! You look great together. So fun that he wanted to coordinate outfits. Have a great new year together!

Wow, ehat a smashing couple, then and... especially NOW!!:-))

Love, love, love your wedding photos! Simply beautiful! Equally beautiful are your Anniversary photos. Congrats to you both❤️

Congrats! You both look terrific.

CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Anniversary!

You both look gorgeous, then and now!
I love your smile in the pic of your 40th anniversary! Hubby looks great in green with the matching belt and your dress looks great too!

Re the wedding pics: I so agree with Rachylou, as MY thoughts, too, immediately went to Jane Austen!
Carla, even today, you and your DH look like a movie star couple.

Happy anniversary and congratulations! You both look so fit and coordinated in your vivid brights!

What gorgeous wedding pics, too. Ah, youth!

Congratulations on a very well-earned celebration. How lucky you are to have so many years together already, and still going strong and healthy for many more.

Could the 2 of you look any cuter?!

Time flies.

Congratulations!40 years that is some achievement .You both look lovely.l hope you have a great weekend celebrating.

Congratulations! Wishing you many more happy days. Great outfit, you look wonderful.

Happy anniversary! Wow, you are gorgeous in that dress. What a fantastic picture. You two are an adorable couple.

Congratulations! You both look wonderful. Love the wedding pics too!!

And a husband who wants to match-what a find!

Congratulations! You both look fab! If your husband is a belt guy, Brave Leather makes some really nice ones for men.

Congrats! Love the pics! What a handsome couple.