A dear friend is having a party in her home this Friday night to celebrate her birthday. I asked if I should wear a party dress and she said yes (but others might not be). It is spring......and I expect to mostly be standing up.

Which one should I wear?

1) Black Sheath
2) Black, navy and cream pleated
3) Two piece floral
4) Drapy dress (mine is actually dark sea green not black)
5) Lace shirt dress (with a slip)

And below are my five footwear contenders

1)Cream sandals
2) Black pumps
3) Beige sandals
4) Jade sandals
5) Black sandals

I have a combination in mind I will probably wear... but I am interested to see what others will choose.

I have a few jewelry options and a couple of jackets or topper options as well.

Thanks in advance.