You make it hard for us to choose, Suz! I was going to vote for 8 but I think 9 was the choice. I was not loving the red boots with dark trousers as much as how they looked with red pants. Then they paired with the culottes and then it was magical!

Suz, go well this evening. Your choice is just lovely. I am late and just for the record I suprised myself by loving 2 and 3. In my mind the red pants would not have been my choice but wow they look fantastic. Another time:)

I wasn't fast enough, but I honestly think each of those outfits is beautiful! Almost impossible to choose.

Well, I am late to this, but you chose well, 9 was one of my favorites(along with 4 and 8). You look stunning.

I’m sorry I missed out on your planning party. Great choice with #9. I hope you had a fab evening!

Your ultimate choice was FAB. What’s nice is that the other outfits are great too, and now you have those ideas in your pocket!

I’m glad you went with the culottes, but very difficult pick. My votes, had I been in time, would have been 2 or 8...

Congratulations on the honor Suz! 9 was a great choice for the reasons you laid out, but truthfully I like them all. And you need to wear the red pants with red boots at least once.

I hope you had a fabulous time. All were fab outfits, but great to choose the one DH selected.

Yay, happy to hear as this was absolutely my favorite. I am sure you looked smashing!

Excellent choice. Hope the evening was a success.

I hope the overwhelmingly positive response to the red pants helps get them out the door more often!

Thank you all -- It went well. I really enjoyed wearing the gilet at long last and hope to bring it out for another spin or two in the city in a few weeks' time. I still have the "coat issue" -- and I'm not at all happy with the overcoat options -- but I enjoy wearing it so much that maybe I will just ignore that.

Entirely too late to this, but I’m glad you went with 9 and I hope you had fun! LOL in agreement with Angie about listening to our in-house stylists.

Glad it went well! Your choice was perfect. I saw this too late to vote, but I sure hope you take #3 out for a spin sometime. I love it. What is that scarf?

YAY, Suz. CONGRATS, and you are soooo deserving of the praise and recognition. Much love to you. xo

(Ignore overcoat issue).

[Gasp.} I ADORE these colors on you! Thanks for the inspiration.

Thank you all for your kind compliments -- much appreciated. The event went well and it was fun because one of my students (in the course I teach) was also there being recognized. The only sad part was that my supervisor was ill and could not come. I had really looked forward to her getting a bit of recognition herself because she is an excellent scholar but not a self-promoter so doesn't get as much attention as she deserves. At least her name was up in lights on the slide show.

Elizabeth, that scarf is from Sandwich. Don't have a Find yet. I got it in Montreal in the fall. Love it.

You looked stunning Suz, so very glad that you got some public recognition.

Excellent choice, Suz. Congratulations.

Belated congrats, Suz! And I love every one of those outfits—ESPECIALLY the ones with the red pants and scarves!

I missed this yesterday. They are all fab. You now are set for the next weeks worth of outfits, 3 was my absolute fave because you get the red pants, boots and sort of a column of color too. You look wonderful in all of them. Congrats on your event.

Late on this... I was choosing 9 too!
Details vraibrate better - probably because the rest is long and darker. The touch of red becomes intreeguing, the bracelet very feminine. You reasons to wear it only confirms it was the righ choice. I hope you had fun!

Put it all on and strip as you go !

LOL, Cee. It doesn't sound like that kind of event. Suz, you can do know wrong.

8!!!!(and 9, too:-))