I love dressing up and my life does not allow it as much as I would like.

On Friday night a neighbour and friend is having an Art Exhibition in her home (she is the artist) and we are going. It is March, so warm during the day but cooling in the evening. I know a few people going and want to look great!! I would not wear stiletto heels in her home but wedge or block heels are fine.

On Sunday my parents celebrate 50 years of marriage and we are farewelling our family home (and farm). 120 guests for a catered finger food lunch in the garden. My family are in general not that dressy, but I am giving a speech and sort of a host. I will be in photos. It is a big day. It is likely to be warm and sunny, but there is shade. Comfy shoes will be needed as I will be running around and we will be in and outside.

-Black floral two piece dress

black, cream and navy pleated dress

- Bailey 44 dress with grey jacket (bit body con without for these occasions)
- blue floral dress,
- polka dot dress
- wrap dress (mine is sea green not black
- culottes, black top and maybe EF sandals (and jewelry)
- white black and grey floral dress

I have put up the options in finds below and the potential footwear choices as well that are appropriate and comfortable enough.

I am leaning towards the first two options but am open to ideas!!

What should I wear?

Thanks in advance...