Just fleshing out my word and colour a little more!

With thanks to Angie, my word for this year will be emotion. I initially had tapped "emerge" but emotion gets more to the heart (ha!) of the matter, in that I am committing to letting my emotions lead far more this year. In many ways, I lost touch with my emotional self over the last several years, in part as a way of managing my anxiety disorder, in part as a way of managing my extreme sensitivity, and in part because my aversion to making mistakes mean I obsess over planning and analysis. Funny enough, the thing you would think I would try to hide from the most, my Mom's death, actually cracked this shell and emotions started sneaking out, and I really realized how detached I had become. Suffice it say, you can't dull one emotion without dulling all of them - so e.g. when I try to sidestep anxiety, joy goes right along with it. In any case, emotion is the thing for me this year

I think in nice balance to my word, my colour for this year is black and white. As I mentioned in the blog comments, the realm of the gray area is where I live, and I don’t think that a bad thing BUT there is a point where you can drown in gray. So black and white to me is symbolic of me taking a stronger personal stance on things rather than waffling and spinning. From a style standpoint, black and white (or black and white adjacent - i.e. a dark and light neutral) outfits are the ones where I am most likely to add personal touches driven purely by emotion - for example, adding a bright lippie or nail colour, layering some jewellery, etc. It's a great base upon which my emotions can safely come out to play, if that makes sense.

Anyways, I just love reading everyone's musings about colours and words! Thanks for reading mine

Photos - some black and white-esque outfits that allowed me to add details that speak to my emotions, from 2021:
1. adding quiet-statement burgundy boots to black with white accents
2. satin and poet sleeves with light blush & black
3. moto jacket over soft white top and soft black/charcoal jeans
4/7/8/9/10. fun with prints! black or navy and white
5. a completely different hair colour against charcoal and stone with black accents
6. a classic white shirt, but make it lacy, with black pants

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