I will be attending a wedding this weekend, at a campground in Maine, with the ceremony at the edge of a lake, in late afternoon, with a reception indoors. The theme is Hawaiian and/or casual. The unofficial Maine state bird (mosquito) will no doubt be present even though not invited :-). The groom is a high school friend who’s first wife of many years died from cancer a few years ago and we’re all very glad to see him find love again. I do not have any clothes with a Hawaiian theme, so I had planned to wear my bright red floral blouse, white jeans, and blue suede sandals (finds below), although I was wishing I had succeeded in my search for a suitable dress.

Today I was in a Sears (leave no retail stone unturned) and found a perfect dress! It’s a poly knit that might be too warm to wear on a
really hot day, but it will be perfect for mid-June in Maine. Found a
sweater/topper too. I will go with the same blue suede sandals and a white bag.

DH is planning wear the Hawaiian shirt he bought in a thrift store we visited a few years ago when we were on Maui.