An exceptional coat, Firecracker, you are so fabulous. I love that outfit, I think it totally works with your style. I like you style.

I love the patterned coat -- classic, but a bit romantic and playful, too. As for warmth, well Indy seems warm in comparison to Chicago! Seriously, though, since we get around almost entirely by car, I find a heavy coat necessary only on the most brutal of days. When it's really cold, I layer one of two ways: a cute fleece moto style jacket under a longer lightweight (packable) EB puffer with drawstring waist and hood. Or: the EB puffer underneath another EB coat: a raincoat with a nylon shell. This last combination is great for being out in wet snow or cold rain. Everyone else in my family has a EB coat "systerm" that can be worn with both fleece (or down) and shell layers, or one layer at a time. They're very sport of course, and I'd love to see a more "fashion" combination. Maybe a lightweight packable down jacket -- to midthigh, layered underneath a boucle cocoon coat?

Love the sound of your coat project, and your new tee is lots of fun --- your own statement tee!

I love the coat. It is a beautiful colour and perfect style for you. I do wish it was about 2 or 3 inches longer. But I would still keep it especially if the price is right. Can't wait to see your burgundy coat. The made by you tee is fabulous.

Beth Ann, thanks for sharing your cold-weather layering tricks. I am tucking that one away for future reference. I've been much more drawn to the idea of a down sweater for me than a down coat, so I like the idea of layering with a packable down coat. And I agree, Chicago is way colder than Indy! That lake wind is something else.

Brooklyn, I agree, a little longer would be great! Knee-length is so hard to find in coats.

And we're off. . . the burgundy coat is cut out! (Took me all day. [sigh])

You ave a good eye for what works well on you! The coat is fab. I'm not sure it would be warm enough for the Midwest although this winter is an exception. It would be fine because there hasn't been much cold or snow anywhere, including the few big snowstorms, this winter has been mild.

I like the fit of the coat and your outfit. I think the coat is interesting enough to have a spot among others in your wardrobe (including the future project). I like having a selection and even though this doesn't tick your blocks it looks nice and sounds like you didn't pay too much so I'm on team keep. Can't wait to see what your new coat comes out like - you are so talented.

I think it's great! I've admired it in the store. It adds interest but will " pattern mix" also.
I have to resist having TOO many coats, but they add so much when you have the right variety.