Lisa, I don't have to remove my shoes because I have TSA precheck. But yes, I have on occasion gone through security barefoot. More times than I like to admit.

The jacket is like a neon flame color - orangey pinky red. I always think of it as "bright lipstick" color.

LPR, I am basically wearing them in place of fashion sneakers, and I may also wear them in place of traditional oxfords for some work gigs.

This is a great outfit, perfect balance of casual and dressy, and so much fun to boot.
It is interesting to here you consigned your Stan Smiths, as I am considering doing the same with mine. I got them at NAS and wore them three times max so far. On the other hand, I got white Converse hi-tops about a month ago and have already worn them 6-7 times. That should tell me something.

oooh, yes, I have also gone through security barefoot. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger? Blech.

I really need socks but love the no sock look. I haven't quite found an acceptable solution. I have thin oxford no-shows (come up higher on my foot so they don't fall off and wad up in a ball in my shoe) but they are black...and show. I have nude...that show. They show around the back of the heel. If they didn't, well, the heel would probably rub. I do love my allbird sneaks because they don't rub.

You are just beauteous!
I have some similar CH 2- tone gray oxfords that are so comfortable. Yours look great. The outfit is a good example of quieter neutrals with that zippy jacket. I am your gray BR blazer twin and remember your column of color outfits with it. I think I'd like to create some more outfits with different jackets as the contrast but with a quiet core.

As already mentioned above, it is amazing how the jacket and shoes pull together and make the jeans and tee look grown up and stylish. Great color too obviously!

Love this Viva- what a great travel look. I actually like these jeans a lot with this- it is very modern but not every piece is very "now". If that makes sense? I like the balance of the look in colour and fit.

I LOVE the Regent blazer, it's my favorite of all the J Crew styles. The nice, bright color of yours is perfect for spring!

Thanks Lisa! Great article - and now I want to wear a fun blazer tomorrow.

I know - same! I read that this morning and also wanted to wear velvet boots.

I totally wanted velvet boots after that, also. Even though there are about 15 days between now and October in which they might be appropriate.

LOVE this outfit. Love the jacket, especially. I want one. Hope the shoes break in okay!

I too, love this outfit. I really wanted those shoes and the jacket looks great on you!!

I knew Angie would be in awe, but I say Killer, too, if that matters:-). Love not only the coral jacket to greys but the styling is also brilliant, the new shoes are perfect for a smart casual! WOW!

Gorgeous blazer and lovely new shoes. You nailed a smart casual look.

Love how you paired the red with the greys. Very nice!