YLF! dress is perfect....but the scene stealer Sam is the real star!

What a beautiful outfit! I bet it helps to have your own fashion consultant to pack what you need for your trip
Great that you found a welcoming hotel for Sam, he even got his name on the tail of the welcome dog silhouette.

As always, I can't help but look at Sam first, he is quite the rock star!

You look gorgeous in your pretty dress Angie, and your travel capsule is as efficient and beautiful as ever. I am glad you had a wonderful trip.

Stunning! That dress is all kinds of wonderful and you wear it really well. I adore it with the pearls. How fun that the hotel welcomes doggies!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. The dress is gorgeous for a wedding!

As always, you make the dress! The colors make me happy.

Thank you for the kind compliments. Of course Sam steals the show - as he should.

You look absolutely stunning in your gorgeous dress Angie. Adorable little Sam is just toooooo cute!

Killer stunning as always Angie, thank you for sharing this! And wee Sam - definitely 'to the manor born'! Glad that the three of you were able to have some down time together.

I flipping love that dress on you. Also, awwww to Sam. What a cutie pie.

That dress is a stunner, but you make it sing! I have learned much from your packing strategy.

Sam is just the CUTEST.

The dress looks smashing and I love the print and color! And of course Sam is toooooo adorable ;-). DD and I will be making a weekend trip there next month.

The wedding out is gorgeous (no surprise) and I love the way you wear dark hose with the metallic shoe. Thanks for showing the Paco
King capsule. I was in Bend, OR last week for 3 night trip, but my bag was huge. When I fly, I’m ruthless on the luggage, but car trips bring out the hoarder in me.

I'm blushing. Thank you ever so much, ladies.

HAH. It's raining formal events. I will wear this outfit to a cocktail party on Saturday too.. WOOOOHOOOOO.

Lovely dress Angie and it looks and sounds like a lovely break and occasion!!

I love all your bright colors. Is the last picture the hotel’s sign welcoming their canine guests? Very cute!

Sam is adorable and you look beautiful!

Oh. My. Goodness...

...and that Sam is quite a not-a-cat.