You nailed "country punk"; I didn't know it could be done! Love your creativity and sense of humor ... I think it would be a sad day to see you in severe minimalist chic anything ...

I'm having a panic attack. I really hope I haven't given away that white sweater in the last picture...

re. Bob: I like to sing along with Bob. But Bob and I have different hair

Now Quirky Waif, embrace Quirky Waif! I love how you express your ideas. Most of all I love Quirky Waif as is.

Yours is a very unique style and I agree it is fabulous! Swooning over the shirt in #2 (star wars one?) I love are one of a kind, kid. Don't change what makes you 'you' whatever direction that leads

Vos photos sont magnifique vous portez à merveille la chemise quelle classe

I LOVE your ensembles!!!! You make everything look like it was meant to be worn that way and why aren't all of us wearing it that way too. Your sense of humor also shines through in your posts/your comments.

You post nothing I do not absolutely adore. More, please Please. The Xmas outfit has my head in a whirl!

Angie has right! "EMBRACE your eccentricity, Rachy. It's authentic". We'll do the same:-)). I can remember some of these quirky outfits, LOL! Do not change a thing!

Yes rachylou we await your outfit of Christmas