Thank you! Yes, the vest has been sort of a quasi orphan in my wardrobe — I like it but some years I haven’t worn it at all (doesn’t help that it got a little too snug to button the front, but I’m more of a wear it open person anyway). But I find it comes in handy for summer dresses that are a little too bare on top, or that need a little finishing touch to toughen them up. So I don’t wear it a lot but I am grateful to have it when I need it.

Agreeing with all your "two thumbs up" reviews, J, but also have a dopey question. If you pop a vest over a jumpsuit, how much of a production do visits to the loo become?

I don't have a jumpsuit but I have this problem with my baggy, zip-front overalls.

April, I don't have much of a problem with the jumpsuit-and-loo issue. It's no more time/effort to slip off the top half of the jumpsuit, in my experience, than it is to unbuckle a belt, unzip, and push down a pair of pants, and the redo it all. And removing a vest first is akin to removing a longer coat or jacket in colder weather, so just one more step. My jumpsuits are all pretty easy-fit, and slip on/off without much trouble. This one doesn't even have buttons, so it's easier than most -- just a little elastic and drawstring at the waist.

It's a great dress, and you look amazing!

Lisa, yeah, the price in Canadian dollars would have stopped me too. As it happens, I was fortunate enough to be stalking it while they had a sale, so 20% off helped. It's a little pricey, but not ridiculously so. The edges of the neckline and armholes are raw, which suprised me a little, but I don't mind that as long as they hold up after laundering. Crossing fingers!

Both great looks but I love that dress! So flowy and the perfect length. It'll be a great summer go-to.

Oh a sale! I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I love a raw edge Anyways - I need to stop with the $$ comments - sorry. I do it all the time .

Lisa, no worries — I always take note of price points myself.

They must have had a weekend sale or something because it looks to be full price again now. I wonder if they are one of those sites that sends you a discount code if you sign up for emails — I do that sometimes, and then cancel the email subscription after I place my order.

Love the dress! Lucky you having Angie to pick things for you.

Beautiful fit on the dress (and yea for pockets!). Woody is adorable, even if he is a bit naughty.

Two beautiful looks--and fit, as always, is just perfect on you! Woody is just melting my heart with that head tilt and those beautiful eyes! <3

I can’t decide which I like better! Both are amazing summer outfits! Your dog is just so darn cute too!

The dress looks like it already belongs in your closet--perfectly gorgeous on you! I really love the denim vest + jumpsuit look too--very chic with lots of personality!

Woody The Turtle Slayer is very cute despite his destruction. My first beloved, adorable dog killed a baby bunny and it was a very bad scene (right in the middle of a dinner party, and we had to get the hose and spray him forcefully to get him to stop what he was doing...). It's hard to completely domesticate that hunting instinct, I guess.