A new home! A full length mirror! An absolutely fabulous new hair style! So much excitement so far this year, that it’s hard for your closet to equal the excitement. Regardless, you are mixing it up and experimenting quite a bit. I admire Your use of cheerful colours and patterns. Love #12.

FashIntern- Spring is absolutely a season! The problem here is that it's short and unpredictable, making it harder to plan for than the other seasons.Summer clothes are their own thing, and we have a more disitinctive Fall. Also, a lot of Fall items work in Winter as well, on milder days. Spring is often still kind of cold-ish, but one is VERY tired of one's winter clothes. I guess this argues for a small spring capsule.

shevia - I don't know if I want a refresh or not... changing my hair helped. On the other hand, I am now in Brooklyn, which is different style-wise than Manhattan, and I'm always inspired by what I see around me. Anyway, for now, I think what I've hit upon is ditching my jeans for a bit. More on that in a separate post soon.

lyn67, thank you! It's actually been important to my morale to change each day. After work,I work out on most days, then I change to lounge clothes. It helps create a break in the day. I've found the undifferentiated time to be one of the hardest things about the pandemic, so I work to chop it up into blocks.

bijou - Yes, exactly. It's pandemic ennui. I am going to post about challenging myself to do without jeans for a bit. And yes, the cats love the new home! We all do.

Runcarla- yes, it's been an eventful year, for a year where I haven't left the house much. Thankfully that's changing. Also, I can now see the vast majority of my clothes hanging up, including my warm weather ones, and I think I am just anxious to be using them.

After reading your post, I see several lovely outfits. I suggest you look for a few casual dresses or skirts, such as tee shirt dresses (right now good with a long cardi or Jean jacket for warmth, a sweat shirt dress, knit sweater dresses. A denim dress and/or skirt. All can be worn casually with sneakers. Declare one or two days a week as frock days. I have to do this for variety. The weekday I wear the casual dress and my other day is Sunday. Yesterday I wore a black midi skirt with a sprinkling of white daisy flowers, a white tee and long black linen cardigan. Later it was not quite warm enough, and I traded the cardi for a pullover white cotton sweater. I wore yellow loafers and a yellow bag.and gold metal daisy earrings. Those daisies and white and yellow made the outfit seem somewhat springy and wearing a skirt was a nice change. Tuesday is my next frock day.
I am drawn to your outfit #13 with the sage green pants and navy tee and denim jacket. I have similar pants but had not thought of pairing then with navy or blue denim. Thank you for the idea.

First, such cute hair! And as usual I admire your variety of fun tops and footwear, but that striped dress is really jumping out at me, so good on you. I hope you get to wear more dresses soon without cold legs.

I'm with you! 1) sick of cold weather 2) hate hosiery 3) tired of my clothes.

However, I have to say you look really cute even if you aren't feeling it - great outfits and variety.