Hi All

I have brought down my winter clothes from storage and am looking at filling the gaps at the moment. I will be looking for five-six additions...I am more looking for general ideas but finds or pics are helpful too to point me in the right direction.

  1. A pair of boots (flat) - black or cognac? - currently own four pairs in finds below.
  2. Pair jeans/pants (smart casual- casual work) - currently four pairs of jeans (white Mom style, mid wash straight, dark flare and blue skinnies) two winter-ish wide legs, and three black pairs of varying styles (one relaxed, one ankle, one skinny).
  3. A sweater - that works with jeans mostly- thinking cream or tomato
  4. Beanie/wool hat (probably in a muted pink to match my puffer)
  5. Something else ????? What do you wish I would wear?
The finds below represent my existing pieces in these categories for winter ( or trans seasonal pieces). Our climate is maybe like North California - it does go to Zero C but rarely - no snow - but quite a lot of rain. My life is relatively casual and so is work - I have plenty of dressy options for nights out.

A few notes:
- Blue skinnies on their last legs ( no find)
- I also have a plain black cotton sweater purchased to wear with my four A line or full skirts (no find)
- one pair of existing boots are black, one ink blue (the black moto style ones are strictly work now - for days I am in our workshop they work really well)
- I have other flats, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts etc

Many of you know my style - but for those who don't - I like a relaxed natural elegant style - maybe adding some bold touches. Pattern and texture are great. Colour palette I like is varied - I do enjoy black but am trying to rely less on it. I live in New Zealand.

I am not a minimalist but I am not trying to grow my wardrobe either..... I would not buy jeans or boots online from the US as returns are too hard.... and it usually works out price prohibitive.

This weekend I have a few pieces I might let go of and I will post some photos. A wool coat, a thrifted dress I think was a mistake, and a couple of others...

Thanks in advance - all ideas are welcomed!!