Woke up to 17 degree weather and 3 inches of snow, and it got me thinking about winter footwear.

Aside from my gear-ish snow boot, I have a waterproof sneaker and a waterproof stompy boot. I wear my Vasque gear boot when I will be out-and-about in actual snow, but the sneaker and stompy boot work fine for wet/slush/salt. I was considering dupe'ing my Vans or Cougars (have tried Aquatalia and Blondo boots, and my feet don't like them), but what I really want to do is utilize my non-weatherproof footwear.

I have treated all of my other sneakers and boots with waterproofing spray, but I am nervous to wear any of them in wetter/salty conditions. Before I go on an unnecessary shopping spree, I wanted to ask the forum about waterproofing - do you treat your non-winter footwear and wear it in winter? Or, do you have multiple pairs of actual weatherproof footwear?