You all know, I have a hard time feeling fab in Winter. In warm weather, I can wear skirts, and feel sufficiently dressed up enough for all occasions.

I've been enjoying wide leg pants again, which feel much more elegant than skinnies, but I only have 2 pairs of warm enough ones.

But I have skinny ponte pants, which I keep to tuck into boots in case of snow, but I've ended up having to wear on other days.

I thought if I wore them with tall heeled boots, they'd feel dressier, but still...meh.
One day, I tried one of my long, warm skirts over them. The skirts had been languishing, cause I hate tights. They're a mare to fit, too fragile for my life, and not really warm compared to pants.

Well- voila! Warm skirt + skinny pants + tall boots= success The skirt and boots completely hide the pants And I'm warm enough!

Has anyone else tried this? Or did I inspire anyone?