Winters in California are mild most of the time so I don't need more winter clothes since last year. However I'm trying to find a few special pieces for holidays even though I'm not sure I'll need them ( possibility of seeing a friend from Seattle this month as special treat ). At the same time I feel the need to update my look a bit in a more modern/dressier direction. Would be nice if I could borrow some of your strength/determination when I'm trying to rebuild my holiday collection Runcarla .

this year I did it and ordered FAMILY PAJAMAS for all of us! The Mr and I, my parents, bother + his wife + kids & all the dogs! yep we are going to be cheesy. My dads health is in decline & when I talk about future plans he keeps saying " sure...if he's around" blah blah, so I figured I better do it now! I plan to be enjoying aquavit and salmon in flannel all Christmas day (well, maybe not at dinner)

For the rest?......I am looking at some metallic or furry accents.... I usually find some glam holiday scarf/velvet to wear. Needs to be comfortable, as I am usually the chef/host, but I like a little sparkle!

Maybe I need a fancy red top/scarf? Some Emerald Green? open to suggestions!

thinking maybe Blues/Silvers for New Years....?

I do have a "Die Hard" themed cookie party to dress for, as well as a couple of "White Elephant/ugly sweater" parties and of course New Years Eve......

a few posted contenders from my wardrobe....

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I got a blue and white checked dress at NAS that I intended as my Xmas dress. But now I’m thinking I’ll wear it for Thanksgiving and wear pants for Xmas. It tends to be a totally freezing hectic sort of day: pants would probably be better.

December could be anywhere from 70+ to 30 around here. If it's 70, I'll socialize, 30 I won't! Last year I think all I did was the work "ugly sweater party", and went to dinner with family. I'm sure I can throw something together with what's in my wardrobe now.

Coat wise, I need a long (to go over long layers) warm coat- at least knee length. I started looking last year, but ran into the Kenny hood phenomenon. As in, why are these hoods so big they flop over my eyes?

A second pair of tall heeled boots is on my wishlist-brown or burgundy. With both that and coat, I'd much rather buy IRL instead of online, since they're expensive and problematic- no candidates yet.
Loungewear is needed-especially bottoms. Cuddleduds will probably be the answer again, or some other leggings.
Otherwise, I'm hunting sweater dresses-that are not bulky and are opaque. Not an easy thing, apparently. Ideally that +fleece leggings + tall boots will be a winter formula.

I just got angry at my closet and organized it.
(I've been in a fair amount of pain for the last few weeks, and just couldn't be bothered to care about staying organized LOL)
I have way more coats and cardigans and jackets than I could possibly ever need. I think I gave up on finding the right sort of tops/sweaters to keep warm, because then I'm sweating to death inside any building. I'm probably going to regret it later, but I just don't have that many good tops/sweaters for the colder months.

I’ll be traveling for work to NY and India in mid December, then home in CA for Christmas and Tahoe for the new year, so casual festive is the name of the game,

I’m feeling texture for winter instead of traditional colors. Just ordered the Boden corduroy jacket and pants (planning to wear separately), and a couple festive sweaters to replace last years Talbots fair isle which was lost to red wine damage. I also have my eye on a pair of cream velveteen pants, but not quite ready to try,

Ok Susie, you’ve convinced me to order the BR coat!

rebekahphoto, you’ve also convinced me to order matching Christmas pjs for the fam. I’ll include my mom too who will stay over Christmas Eve and night. It’ll be just over a year since my stepdad died. A fun new tradition to keep our spirits up!

La Pedestrienne, did you get those Duckfeet winter boots. How are they? I’ve been eyeing them ever since you posted them before.

Kerry -- I'm waiting for Black Friday. They've run a promo every year since I've been paying attention. They are pricey so I really want to take advantage of the discount. I've had them on my wishlist for two years, and I'm finally confident I can incorporate a brown boot into my wardrobe. It's taken me a while to re-embrace brown (I don't love the other colour options, though may spring for one of the sandals in a more fun colour next summer).

Thanks so much Carla for posting this. It made me run through my upcoming holiday events too, and think through if I have what I need. I think I do - though I might add that J crew skirt ensemble if the mood strikes!