They are all so very good. #1, with the hat? Total showstopper (in a very very very good way)

#1 is maximal to the max....but totally works!
the black and white number (picture #4) is my fav --of course, because its simple yet current and modern, but switching out the black jacket for the red (picture #5) is just fab as well....
pictures 6-8 are, IMO the perfect its hot summer but i want to look (and be cool) outfits.
and for some reason #8 takes me back to high school...nice

What wonderful outfits. *The hats add the perfect finishing touch. *I adore all of the red additions. *I've seen those flatform sandals and wondered how they'd look "dressed up", so nice! * Yes, the last look with denim and shine is so fun. Thank you for all of the inspiration!

All fab to the max!
You have GOT to put the brogues into rotation. Love them with the simple B&W and the red jacket.

This is also a great SYC encouragement.
I am finding some things that fit differently in a good way allow new and fresh combos to open up that I need to take advantage of with items I already have.

These are all great, what a fun try-on session! My fav is the striped shell, love it with those amazing sandals.

I can't pick a fave. You have an amazing closet to be able to put these together! So polished in all of them and so pretty!

WOW, ALL these outfits are absolutely fabulous! I love oxfords - my favourite type of shoes and yours are perfect.
I truly admire the outfits you created with the tube skirt and the oxfords and blazers - STUNNING. The pattern mixing is fantastic, you are so creative and stylish. You look gorgeous in every picture.

Oh I say !I do love you in a hat.Stylish outfits all but the hat adds an extra touch of flair to your look .

All great, and I love those oxfords.

Love outfit#1. Was it you or Angie who was toying with an ‘urban dandy’ style moniker a few years ago? All the oxford outfits bring that phrase to mind in the best way.
I hear you on closed shoes, worn sockless as they are these days, just not working well in our climate! I remember a few years ago we commiserated about the lack of selection, but once I had some I realized how rarely they get worn anyway.

Jules, right? It's crazy!!! I do manage to wear my sneakers, because they are casual and so is my life. I suppose if I worked in an office I would wear dressier closed shoes for at least 4 weeks a year...(2 weeks of cool but not cold spring; 2 weeks of cool but not cold fall...). But as it stands, I just don't get the opportunity very often.

I think it was Angie thinking of "urban dandy." But outfit #1 would definitely qualify.

Love the first one - and remember those shoes (I sold mine because I found another similar pair that is more comfortable - now I have to find them!). Also the boxy bag is perfect there. #8 is so elegant - another aspirational outfit for me!

Suz, all of these outfits are spectacular! You really should wear them. You look great in those hats. My favorite above all the other fabs is #1. I wish I could replicate that outfit for myself.