Maya, it will always be an optional thing. And anonymity wasn't really a big deal for us. It is just more complexity to show all the voters. That said, if the model doesn't work then we can change it. Time will tell.

Probably also worth pointing out that votes aren't truly anonymous. The database does know who voted what.

But, you know, you might just need to get used to it. It's new, and new things take some time.

EDIT: modgrl's post reminded me of an important point. Many polls are not the kind that involve personal feedback, but are asking for an opinion on an item. Like, if I posted "Ex-girlfriend jeans, yay or nay?". Nays in this context are not feedback that I would necessarily want to deconstruct. I would just want a quick straw poll on how people felt about them.

How fun! Thanks Greg.

I was just going to say what Greg mentioned two posts above, the validity of the yes/ no polls will be determined by the quality of the questions rather than the responses. I think it would be very difficult to interpret a negative vibe from the answers to questions such as 'are these trousers PPL?' or 'Should I shorten this skirt?' Where opinions do matter the function should simply be bypassed.

The unread indicator is now to the left of the subject as before. Let me know what you think.

Much better Greg... thank you. I vote keep it on the left

you know, I really don't mind that people can use the new feature to give negative feedback without explanation. I think most people will still offer an explanation, but if I post a new dress that I'm looking for a keep or return on, I'm perfectly fine with people clicking a quick yay or nay.
Where I'd appreciate more feedback is when I construct an outfit of pieces that I already own. I agree that just telling me not to wear that in public doesn't help me understand what is wrong and how I can use the pieces in a more flattering way.
I have complete faith in this forum though, and trust that everyone will continue to give constructive feedback when it is needed.

I'm much happier with the unread indicator on the left. I can scan down the list for the green ones then read the title easier, less flitting about x

That's fair Greg. I'm not suggesting the feature needs to be removed or that it has no value. I just like to hear explanations, no matter how trivial the subject. I also like to see WHO has those opinions. So for me, personally, it doesn't have much value.

Thanks for putting the indicators back on the left. It is much easier to read and organized looking. And I am looking forward to using the yay/nay feature to see if I might get more honest negative feedback when something doesn't work. I know not everyone is comfortable with giving criticism, no matter how constructive.

I prefer the indicators back on the left (but happy to get used to them on the right) for the same reasons as others. I find it less cluttered that way too somehow.

I like the yay nay thing for the ease of response. I find it quite hard to articulate in fashion why or not something works and I appreciate so much the people who can articulate it and tell me why something does/doesn't work. But I am getting more confident about saying if I do or don't think something works and this feature makes it easier for me to contribute without feeling lame that I can't explain myself. I'm also happy to have feedback from everyone and will use it for that. If I was feeling sensitive about something I probably wouldn't use the feature.

Another one who prefers the indicators on the left. Thanks for being so responsive, Greg.

Michelle, can you now see the link to the next unread post? It is to the left of the title as before, but the indicator is combined with the number of replies. It is possible that the new code somehow confuses the screen reader so let me know.

To answer your other question, yes, polls are available to newcomers (that is, not restricted to active members).

Greg, no, I can't see the "to next unread post" indicator, but I can see the number. Now that I know the two are combined, I simply click on the number. The functionality hasn't been compromised at all. I'm personally totally cool with the new setup, but on the offchance that other screen-reader users joined the site, they'd need an explanation.

Thanks Michelle. The problem I foresee is that sometimes that link doesn't go to the next unread post. If a thread is completely up to date (no unread replies) then clicking that link will mark is unread. This is explained by the pop-up text, but since I combined the unread indicator with the number of replies, it seems that the screen reader is no longer reading the popup text.

I think what I will do is make that link *always* go to a post, either the next unread post (if there are unread posts) or the last post (if all posts are read).

My hunch is that few people are using the ability to mark a post as unread.

I am excited to use this feature and have others use it on my posts; I can see where it can be helpful and might encourage more people to join in on the fun, especially people who are pressed for time. I go through months at a time when I have very little free time but still want to be a part of the forum. Having something like this will be a way to give and get quick feedback. I love the interaction with members so I don't see myself doing this exclusively. I look forward to seeing how it opens up the forum in new ways.

I'm slightly worried about the 'clutter' factor on the forum. I felt it was very cluttered yesterday (ie when it was completely new to me). It feels less cluttered today (so I can see I'll get used to it whatever happens) but there are quite a few things calling for attention.

A couple of thoughts:
Does the photo icon have to be present in light grey when the thread doesn't have any photos? Could it just appear in dark grey when there are photos (as you can't click on it, unlike the favourites button next to it)
Does the 'read posts' colour have to be light grey, or could it be white as before, to reduce what's on the screen?

As I say, I'll get used to it whatever!

ETA I think I'm working out why you need the light grey 'read posts' icon. Sorry.

I'm loving that the read/unread/number of posts indicator is back on the left. Thanks Greg!