I'm loving the return of widelegs, bell bottoms, flared trousers and bootcuts. I'm also loving their extralong hems. But I'm stumped by snowy weather (slushy, icy, cold, and everything in between).

With skinnies, I put on snowboots over, then change into shoes when I get to work. But I can't put snowboots over my widelegs--even if I could fit them in, they would be all crumpled. My three pairs of snowboots are too tall and bulky for the pants to go over them; crucially, the hems would also drag and get soggy given the low heels.

I'm thinking I should get a pair of short boots/snow booties for commuting. Any suggestions? I need something warm and grippy. Bonus points if the bootie looks good enough to go with trousers so I don't look goofy! And super extra bonus points for tips on how to deal with the length/draggy hem issue!