I just had to add my 2 cents: you look fab in these jeans, Bonnie! I love them on you. I especially like #4--wow! Your chunky sandals are just right with these looks, too. Sounds like DH just needs a little time for his eyes to adjust. Those of us here on YLF have been looking at these silhouettes for a while now; it took me some getting used to, also.

I think some people really pull it off. But me? No. I am 5 ft even they would swallow me and I would look so incredibly short and stock in them.

shevia: Thank you. I agree that the blue chambray top does give me a longer line which I like because I'm on the shorter side.
Firecracker: Thank you. Actually, DH may be coming around. He said that they now looked better than he first thought.
MomOfThree: I think petite sizes can pull them off but those of us who are shorter but not petite have a harder time with this look.