Admittedly a first-world problem here, but it's got me feeling pretty defeated.

I recently bought a pair of bright yellow Doc Martens, thinking I had found another trendy shoe that might actually work for my wide and crabby feet and inject a bit of footwear pizzazz.

I've been wearing them around the house to break them in, and today I came to the distressing realization that they are too small -- particularly on one foot. I had already returned my usual size because it seemed SO huge, so I'm not sure sizing up again is going to work. But I'm going to try because I REALLY want these to work. Have to admit, though, that I am feeling a bit demoralized by how hard this whole shoe thing has become. Oodles of cute flat shoes trending right now and nothing seems to work for me.

I've tried Eccos, Joseph Seibel, various Clarks, BOC/Born, Adidas runners -- the list goes on. I've even started to consider looking at men's shoes in hope of finding SOMETHING -- a cowboy boot, a motorcycle boot -- that fits and has some style and edge to it.

I'm also thinking of gluing bows onto the shoe boxes and just wearing them... :-/