Haven't bought anything at NAS yet, but realized I haven't done a WIB post lately. Since I haven't been counting items this year I've been slacking!

Basics- Athleta masks, ETSY kimono robe (pretty but way to hot for summer), joggers for sleeping.

Gear- more cycling shorts, cycling gloves, and a bunch of Athleta stuff-subtle snake long sleeve top, cinnamon leggings, burgundy tank. Not shown- red reflective vest for cycling.

Shoes-the Vionic replace my slippery Nike's as my boat shoes, and the Sheridan Mias are similar to my workhorse cognac ones.

Bag- impulse buy hummingbird tote

Tops- beige BR sleeveless sweater is a duplicate of my copper one, the asymmetric ombre one is actually olive not brown as it appears.

Eta- I did buy the Ripskirt length 2, but sent it back. It wasn't sewn as well as the 3, and the fabric seemed more sheer.