I'm reserving judgement, Suz, because I feel like I'm trying to explore new proportions myself and I can't decide what I like best on myself or others. Right now, I'm trying to make sure I have a variety of rises, when possible. I still prefer lower rises with the semi tuck, but I"m loving the fit of higher rises when I wear tops out. I think I'd like to see you try out high rise with slightly cropped untucked tops, too!

(I currently have one pair of full length, and 3 pairs of ankle length whites. One pair is on the way out, so I don't think I have too many!

I have not read all the responses yet.
I like all the jeans on you, they are all good, but I think the first low rise is great on you with the semi tucked top. I also like the open fly model a lot, the buttons create an interesting vertical line and make the jeans a little special. However, as they create a kind of a focal point, they will probably not be as “basic” versatile as the other too pairs. I can imagine they will look great with classic blazers for example and solid colour tops.
The shorts are great.
Really love the striped silk top - I would wear it in an instant. It suits you so well.
The sweatshirt is great on you too - love the high neck. And it looks so crisp and somehow soft on you. Beautiful.
Dress is gorgeous - amazing colour and looks really comfy for hot days. I have some viscose tops and scarves. They are breathable and soft, the only disadvantage is that they crease a bit more easily than silk or cotton. But actually, I don’t think it’s a big issue. I have a dress which is viscose-silk blend and it is also very good.
GORGEOUS sandals!!!

A little late to this party.....I think both rise lengths work on you. Lucky you to have both options, makes for a lot of different styling opportunities. I don't think that B/W striped top looks very bold....in the full outfit view it provides a good balance with the white and sliver. Viscose is tricky - sometimes it's good in the heat and sometimes not. The dress itself is fab. To me a funnel neck item would be for transitional seasons and not for deep summer, because I never want to cover my neck in the heat.. so make sure you know in which seasons it would work for you. It looks like it would work well under a sweater later on. The way you have styled it is spectacular!

Love it all!! Silver sandals and higher rise jeans included but love you better in lower mid rise jeans for a matter. And love the silk stripe top-the bigger contrats suits you sooo well!!! Viscose dress looks great(of course-as is blue!:-)) but find viscose everything to wrinkle like crazy, hope it is not the case here? Oh, and marine sweater is also beautiful!

Dress is nice, but I prefer your Boden dresses (I'm not thrilled by the cap sleeve on this one).

Both the striped top and funnel neck look super. I think this particular top looks better with the lower-rise jeans. It's the perfect shape for a semi-tuck. I don't love it quite as much with the high rise button-fly pair, but the jeans themselves look great. They just need a shorter, boxier top, or else a more fitted top that lies smoothly when you do a full-tuck.

Love those silver EF sandals!

I’m late but here, Suz.


- Dress looks fabulous, but I don’t trust 100% viscose. I vote return.

- I love ALL the jeans. KILLER. The mid rise looks classic. The high rises look trendy. My fashionable eye is preferring visible high rises at the moment - which means with the tuck or semi tuck. I like visible button flys and wear them! The silver buttons pick up the colour of your hair. Great! I vote keep them all. White jeans are really good with your complexion.

- Bermuda shorts are sensational. I prefer this longer length on you. KILLER.

- Sleeveless stripe tank is an easy piece. Keep.

- You are passed the window for wearing the striped funnel top. I vote return.

- FABULOUS sandals, and a no-brainer grey cardi.

Amazing haul.

Thanks to you all for weighing in. Decisions made:

Dress and funnel neck going back, jeans and shorts and striped top staying. Easy peasy!

Angie, you are so right about the weather "window." We went from ice storms, brown grass, no leaves, freezing temps a few days before I left (beginning of May) to full on summer in about 10 days. We do not get much of a spring in Ontario and this year the situation is more marked than usual. We have everything blossoming at once. Lilacs and apple blossoms together with tulips, lily of the valley, irises, and poppies! The only things that aren't blooming yet are the chrysanthemums, I swear. Ridiculous. 30C yesterday and humid. No wonder I do not own closed shoes except for sneakers!! I need multiple sandals.

I am late to this and I see that you already made the decision. Just wanted to say that I think it is the right one I prefer Boden dresses and funnel neck top is nice but not for summer.