Hiya, when it rains it pours. My whole family had other things to do this a.m. so what's a girl to do but head to the mall to finish up the fall wardrobe refresh!

As I mentioned before, I was feeling a bit bleh and a bit bored with my uniform. A refresh was in order. I started with a few tops (shown again in finds), three out of four of which have been happily worn. I felt like I still needed a little something, so I found this post from last year in which Angie talks about refreshing her style. I modified some of her ideas and figured out what the missing pieces were for me:

  • Tops - I am a jeans and simple top girl, but I had gotten into a rut of buying fine-knit crewneck sweaters in neutrals and a few colours. So, I added a few tops in different styles earlier this week, and today added one more - a red cableknit sweater that will be cozy and cheery in the depths of winter. I think even just a few variations will be plenty for me to feel less bored.
  • Jeans - As Angie suggests, updating jeans updates a look. The high-waisted skinny-but-not-too-skinny jeans I bought this week feel a bit fresher, and when paired with my workhorse crewnecks, breathe a bit of life into the outfit.
  • Outerwear - This is another Angie suggestion. I tried on a number of coats (was hoping to find a plaid I'd like) at the Bay but left with only a plaid scarf (deep discount - $9 and lovely and soft; looks gray in photo but is really a sort of dusty deep blue and off-white), which does make my navy outerwear feel fresher. I also found the girlfriend blazer at the Gap (gray and blue version of the find), but am not sold either on the cut, or on whether I'd wear it much (please feel free to weigh in!)
  • Handbag - Another Angie suggestion which I hadn't thought of, but I've been carrying my trusty LePliage virtually daily for over five years! It's a great bag, but I don't need a tote daily anymore, so I found a polished black faux leather and suede purse at H&M which I love as a change up (similar shown - mine has the faux-suede on the bottom half, which gives it some interest and texture).
  • Hair - I am recommitting to doing my super-easy hair curling/tousling technique as often as reasonable (i.e. most days). It's so quick and really does make me feel more modern and put together.
So that's it - cold-weather refresh done! The only thing still on the list is a puffy sleeve sweater but I'm in no rush on that; when the right one turns up, I'll grab it.

Thanks for reading! Feedback welcome as well as your refresh adventures of late!

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