So, I took some time to think and decided to return these jeans. I usually repeat an outfit creation session after a week or so. I want to avoid a “new item high”, IYKWIM. I like these jeans but they are:
- not very versatile in my wardrobe ATM. Some of my oversized tops don’t work with them at all and the resulting silhouette overwhelms me.

- I do have two pairs of blue jeans already.
I bought dark navy jeans from COS. The shape is more familiar to me, I don’t have this color in my collection. There is also a bonus - me & my friends noticed that COS items work well together even if they are from different releases. So, more versatile and works better for me. I’m not bothered that they are not full length wide as I originally planned or if they are trendy. They still refresh my denim collection.
I’m adding only one pair of jeans unless I find something irresistible.

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Oh wow - I really love these on you . The darker colour is very chic too . Your thoughtfulness in adding new pieces to your wardrobe is very inspiring .

Oh that’s a good shopping strategy Irina, and those new jeans are a really nice addition to your wardrobe, I can see them working much easier with your oversized tops because of the darker wash and they are more streamlined than your last pair.
There’s going trendy and then there’s whats really going to suit us better in the end. Glad it worked out well for you.

It looks more polished in dark denim wash and more structured style - fit is perfect!

Very much prefer the COS in every way, the fit, the style and the wash and they are much more flattering

Those are great, too! You have such great luck at Cos! I do think the ankle length adds structure and reduces the potential for overwhelm. It is all about figuring out that structure and it can be tricky!

lovely trousers! fab colour and fit! Cos is a great brand for you!

You made the right decision, the COS jeans are amazing on you.

I missed the begining but love the ending.

Good decision, I prefer these on you too.

Oh, these are even better on you, I agree. Really great-looking jeans.

How do you find the fit of these, Irina? TTS? Did you have to hem them?

Suz, my size, no hemming needed. They were available in other washes, I found those fit smaller.

I prefer the COS jeans too! KILLER

Please provide the link when you have a moment, Irina.

Also a Uniqlo fan, and I like the COS jeans better on you, also. Very sharp.

Thank you all for your comments, it’s unanimous - I made a right decision

Good decision I think -
Both look good but the Cos are more sophisticated and you somehow.

The new jeans are amazing on you! Great decision.