They are a great match! I'm personally on team "wear regular leather boots in the rain" but most of the time I go out it's to work, and I drive everywhere.

The only time I wear rain boots is when gardening, so I can hose them down. I did wear them lots as a child for jumping and playing in puddles and streams and LOVED them for that.

I had the same thought for years. Then got a pair of new Hunter rain boots passed on to me and I wear them a lot!

I wear them when we visit friends in the country, when it's muddy/messy but not yet snowing, when I'm gardening, when the snow thaws and I don't want to expose my good shoes..

Maybe it's because of the (Toronto) Canadian climate but I've been surprised how handy they are.

My lifestyle is pretty urban (no yard, rarely in situations that require going through mud) and I found that I mostly can get away without real rain boots. I had a pair of nice Tretorn rubber boos in yellow and they were worn very rarely and I eventually had to get rid of them because the rubber got discolored. What I am finding quite useful are their cousins, like Sperries below, which are often called "duck boots". They are lined in warm fleece and I fine them useful for casual errands when the annoying rain/snow mix is outside.