I'm good with silky button fronts. It's the drape factor and the softer collar. In your standard oxford, I'm dumpy, frumpy, and no-neck. Silky button fronts, indeed, were a miraculous discovery for me. That's Angie's work

Love, love, love, here. I cannot imagine if they took my button downs away from me. Silk and light weight cotton for summer are the perfect top in my opinion.

I didn't wear them much pre YLF, but love them now!
I like the way they add structure and a more ladylike-dressed-up feel to my outfits.
Now that my hair is short at the back I like the way they fill-in the gap too.

I really want to love them, because I like how they look on me, but I have fit issues. Even my oversized silk Equipment buttondown gapes at the bust, and I don't want to fiddle with safety pins, especially with the silk. I have a wide ribcage, so anything that fits in the bust is too large in the shoulders and waist.

As Angie says, when they fit well, they provide flattering structure to those of us of a, ahem, tubbier nature. It can be very hard to find a good fit, though. Lately I have had a particular issue with the arm holes being gigantic, which makes the whole shirt fit badly. I mean, I know I have big flabby arms but they do not actually grow out of the side of my boobs. Some shirts I have tried on recently have been cut as if they do!

Non-straight-shaped gal who loves button-front shirts checking in! No aversion here. I like all kinds -- stiff, soft, tailored, oversized -- as long as the fit is right. My fit issues are at the bust and the hip. Silky/soft shirts that are cut for rectangles work quite well on me actually; if the shoulder/hips fit then the whole thing is instantly perfectly roomy. Probably my favorite kind of top along with sweaters.

LOL, Mander!! This might be part of the oversized trend...

I like them quite a bit and still own several. I think I wore them so much for the last five years or so that about a year ago I found I was just tired of the look. I do think it's tricky to dress down a button front shirt that's made in a traditional fabric - when you wear one with jeans and flats and aren't much of an accessories person, like me, the look is rather ordinary and not intentional, as opposed to a different sort of woven casual shirt.

Also love the look but for the reasons Ms.Mary articulated so clearly they are problematic for the bustier and short of neck. Also I like a good shoulder fit and shirts that fit elsewhere are often too wide in the shoulders. I also have a very round abdomen where the muscles have not been yet sewn back together (and quite probably never will be). Love an oversized button up with drapier, silkier material that does not gape or stretch on me.

I love button front shirts! But like Angie suggested, I opt for a looser, relaxed fit for most shirts. As long as the shirt fits me well along the shoulder line, I don't mind a bit of looseness around the body. Anyways I tuck the shirt in for more structure and tend to wear them with a bit of 70's vibe. I leave the first two buttons undone if possible to elongate the neckline. But I think opting for a fit that is just a lil bit oversized plays a big role in my comfort with shirts. I love patterned shirts - polka, gingham, plaid & mostly wear cotton ones.

If I do buy a fitted one which is rare, I look for some amount of lycra / spandex in the material to ensure a close fit and always use a safety pin to ensure smooth fit around the bra area.

In fact button downs are a staple for me, my daily uniform is skinny pants + button down shirt + booties with a scarf / topper for my freezer like office.

I love them on others, but on me, I struggle with:
1) My partner's deep, abiding hatred of them (on me), which is a mystery;
2) My short-ish neck--I feel like i look like I'm shrugging my shoulders in button-front shirts with collars;
3) I don't like the combo of the masculine shirt with my short hair and bone structure. I love tomboy and androgynous looks, but this particular one is not a favourite on me.
I keep doggedly trying them on, and I do have a few chambray and Equipment-style silk shirts that work. My partner still hates them, though! Heh.

Gaping, bunching, riding up, ironing, collars misaligning with jackets, sleeve lengths too long or too short. That about sums it up. Last year I bought one and sized up to a 12. It still gapes at the bust, is too tight over the tummy, and it rides up when I sit.

Once in a while I can find one in a lighter summer fabric that is more like a tunic, but still semi-fitted. These I love, even though they still need ironing. Oh, and those no iron shirt fabrics? They still need to be ironed to meet my standards.

Button down shirts are one of my most favorite styles...I love the ironed feel of a crisp shirt...Total love for button downs here...

<waiving to Aida as another not-straight-gal loving button-downs> As she said if the shirt fits my shoulders AND hips it is wonderfully fluid everywhere else. So I do own a lot and wear them a lot. The fact that I have small bust, longish neck and short hair helps as well.
The only problem I have when I need to layer them under a topper because not all toppers work well with the collar and I do have to wear a topper in summer thanks to that blasted A/C office!!!

I absolutely adore button down shirts! I am also a straight shaped gal like Angie mentioned above. I wear them with everything - jeans, skirts, and dress pants. In fact, I wore one today!

This is enlightening. I love button down shirts on others but on me, they always feel too fussy. From these responses, I am gathering that fabrication is the key. hmm....When is GAP/BR going on 40% off again?