I enjoyed your plaid story. I think I have similar cultural associations to you with plaid flannel shirts. I also didn’t wear them. But I did wear desert boots and black rock band t-shirts in the 80s. (I was more of a Cold Chisel fan.)

I have a plaid shirt now, and I have to style it carefully so that it doesn’t feel too masculine/tough for me. But I love plaid (I am part Scottish too). I would like to add more, as long as it has a feminine twist eg your plaid skirt. I’ll take the jacket and the bag too.

Here are mine. I think the jacket was inspired by you actually

Lana, I really love your plaid skirt.

Janet, how great to have a family tartan. You have the best plaid coats.

Lyn, it would be fun to know the story behind yellow boots!

Angie, thank you for helping me to find ways to enjoy wearing plaid. YLF is always a great source of inspiration.

Brooklyn, I’m so glad you like the skirt. When I bought it, I immediately thought of you!

Bijou, what a lovely lyrical post, taking us down your memories. So many resonated with me, including the plaid shirt / skinny jeans connotations!

I also love it, and remember a dress as a 3/4 year old (like Jenni described, with a sort of singlet top), a blue tartan skirt with wide elastic waistband in 1989, Green tartan trouser in around 1988, a red tartan skirt I made myself and wore to death at uni, and a red tartan baby doll mini dress tunic that is still in my clothing archive box, and I wore a bit in my early days on YLF.

Now I have a grey tartan jumpsuit, and a red tartan shirtdress/ tunic (that I wore at our in-person meet up). And red gingham dress - the same as Angie has/had Since I have quite a small wardrobe and most of it is plain, that is a reasonably high proportion of what is patterned.

I had a lovely blue tartan chiffon blouse a few years ago that sadly wasn't durable and wore out. And I'm very drawn to gingham and have been looking for just the right one (I don't like much shirring on me and the two seem to go together a lot).

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Anne, tartan and gingham look fabulous on you. I agree that shirring is not that comfortable in our hot summers, I avoid it too and prefer gingham dresses without it. Your Boden dress is so pretty and perfect for summer.

I'm not a plaid wearer myself, but love this! It works for you!
My associations with plaid are pretty much grunge era. I tried with a couple pieces, but it never felt authentic, except for a low contrast blanket scarf. The scarf was warm purple, olive, and black- but it got pilled badly. It was nice for winter in a cold office! DH is Scots-Irish. His dad wears plaid a lot but he doesn't. I like seeing all the different tartans at the Celtic Faire

This was so beautiful to read, Bijou! You've come full circle with your tartans and incorporate all your memories into your rich and beautiful closet. I love so many of your plaid items. What a gorgeous (and gorgeously written) paean to the best pattern EVER.

My ancestry is largely Scottish and I have always felt drawn to tartans. I wear them more often in fall and winter than in summer and wear simple checks more often in summer. But I will never be without at least a few tartan items in my closet.

Bijou, I share your love for plaid! As Suz says, one of the best patterns ever.

Here's an old pic of me in Japan - (Yokohama) - in plaid - about 9 years ago

.....and my current plaids and checks. Always want more.....

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Suz, thank you - your writing is always sublime as are your wardrobe choices. You are great inspiration on how to wear tartan and plaid in a sophisticated and joyous way.

Angie - that photo says it all regarding how enduring both plaid and Japanese fashion is - both timeless and current at the same time! You and the men on the bench could be out of Vogue. I particularly love the guy on the phone's hair, so 1980's New Romantic!

I so enjoyed reading your post. It sounds like plaid is your Happiness
Fabric, reminding your of special times. Pure fabness! You can never go wrong when wearing happiness.

Bijou, you hit the nail on the head on why Japanese street style is phenomenal. Same with HK street style

What a beautiful post, Bijou! You have gorgeous clothes and a wonderful sense of style. Your plaid items are no exception.

I've worn Catholic plaid kilt uniforms, but then transferred to the public school up the street. There I saw the kids listening to AC/DC wearing the plaid flannel shirts. When I grew more confident in my later high school years, I wore plaid shorts with black nylons and a black turtleneck. Sort of a Beatnik style. Buffalo check red and black flannel shirt for the grunge years. Now, black, white and red plaid pants, and a flannel dress.

Any time the Stewart tartan showed up on a scarf or card, my lovely mom and Aunt would point it out to me, their maiden family name.