Sorry about your beautiful top, MsMary.
They may be able to darn it nicely for you at the taylor's or at the laundry.

Anna, that is way too funny!

While is hard to fathom how moth damage might occur in the same places on multiple garments, do consider that the evil little beasts are drawn to perspiration. So once you've ruled out friction-related sources of damage, do not rule out the insect kingdom.

Also, while moths much prefer woolens (their absolute favorite being cashmere), it's my understanding that they will eat pretty much any natural textile in a pinch. And the moth mantra is "the dirtier the fabric, the better, the darker the surroundings, the better." Keep things clean, keep the surroundings sunlit, if possible.

If moths are the culprits, it's the larvae that do the damage, not the actual flying moths. So if you're seeing moths flying about, take that as a symptom of a problem and not as the actual problem.

AAArrggh.. my daughters have often complained of this, but I've lucked out, Until Today!!! I washed one of my favorite merino wool pullovers on hand wash cycle. It came out beautifully Except for the Hole right over the belly button area. Save by converting to a cardigan? Applique a flower over the hole, like a Care Bear - ? It is too big to darn, which I would happily do if it were small and in a less conspicuous place. So my sympathies to all who have suffered this problem.

I get this a lot. When I dressed more body con I figured it was because my tops were tight. I had a belt that I'm pretty sure put holes in some of my tops. I do still get this a little with my drapier tops and a different belt. I buy wovens when I can, but mostly I just accept that tops will likely have a short lifespan in my closet.

This has happened to me several times, with tees and sweaters. It's royally annoying. I don't belt my tops, so what gives?

I've heard of this happening, frequently, but it's never happened to me. Knock on wood. Funnily enough, one of my fav tees was given to me by a friend, and IT has a little hole in that spot (but very inconspicuous, so I wear it anyway). Very strange. I suspect it's a button rubbing against a counter, with the sweater in between.

I wore the black version of that sweater today.