Just saw this, Sveta. Sorry for the way stress has piled up for you and your family lately. So much ambiguity and a lot to be tended on behalf of your loved ones. Glad that your father is improving and your son has a plan. You helped accomplish a lot quickly. Hang in there.

Wow you have had a really rough time, and I am glad you are taking care of yourself and doing as well as you possibly can under VERY trying circumstances!
I'm a lecturer at an Australian university, and there are a lot of excellent support programs in place for students struggling with both depression and anxiety. It sounds like you have it under control, in terms of a plan, but never hesitate to ask the uni for help. This is really common now, and they have a lot of strategies in place.

Sveta, what a time you are having. I am so sorry. Vacation can not come soon enough for you.

Oh wow! That is a lot to have to deal with. At least you don't have to stress about getting dressed in the am. That is the easy part now Sending you a big virtual hug. Hang in there, Sveta!

Oh my god...that's a lot of stress to deal with. I am so sorry to hear things have been so crazy for you Sveta....I hope the stress is not triggering more gastritis?

I hope your Dad and Son settle down soon enough...you're doing all you can to help them out. I also hope you're also successful in the Mission Impossible at work and can take off for your vacation with a peaceful mind. You truly need it. (((Hugs))))

Sveta any one of these would be enough to stress anyone out. At the same time it is JUST TOO MUCH. Glad you are seeing the light on some fronts and keep up the incredible work.

Wgat a summer! Hope things improve. Your family and work are lucky to have you.
Thanks for sharing. That is a great way to interact with YLF too- relief valve even if not able to do much. You have helped many posters and I always know people have times when there is NO time and sometimes that is due to very difficult family and/ or work times. It is certainly true for me.
Keep on dancing, one day at a time.

What a lot on your plate! I love seeing your posts. I hope life settles so you can spend more time on the things you love. Good on you for continuing exercise and dancing in this very busy time. You always look fab, no matter what is going on.

Having just one of those problems would be a lot, and to have all three at once can only be exhausting. You're very sweet to take the time to tell your story, I had been wondering why you weren't posting as much especially when at a time seemed like your style was really evolving.

It's so nice that you'll be going to Europe, for myself, especially when my life is full of challenges, it's such a relief to step out of it for a while and reconnect with just being alive, okay, and in a beautiful place.

Sending more virtual hugs. Yes, life gets overwhelming at times. Just hang in there and know jabbers all over the world are sending you good thoughts.

These things come in threes...don't understand why but it seems to do so often. Sounds like you are moving through it. I am so happy your son spoke up and has a plan. My son experienced this in middle school after an illness and it was hard but did get better. Hope you are finding something that feeds your soul in all of this. You are in my prayers.

Wow, what a pile of stress you have been under, Sveta! I'm glad it sounds like things are calming down and that you have a plan for dealing with it all. I've no doubt you are handling it all like a superwoman!

Hang in there! I'm glad you have your vacation to look forward to!

So much going on, I hope things settle down soon. Aging parents can be such a tightrope, it's hard to imagine adding a language barrier on top of that. Best wishes to you and your family, Sveta.

Oh, Sveta, of COURSE you needed to be scarce on YLF for a while! What a lot you've been dealing with, on multiple fronts. Any one of these things is enough to cause tremendous stress, and you're coping with all of it simultaneously.

So glad you have your healthy eating and exercise in place and also time away to look forward to in a few weeks.

Take it one day at a time; I hope everything works out as well as it can.

I am so sorry about your dad and your son. Work never helps, either, does it? Those big projects always seem to coincide with the most stressful of personal times.

I am glad you are working your way through it and know we miss you but we understand and look forward to "seeing" more of you as time permits.

Oh Sveta... So many here with too much on their plates. Hang in there! Sending a big hug.

Hugs, Sveta. So sorry to hear about all the struggle. My dad always says that "life comes in bananas". Take care and breath deep. Be kind to yourself.

Shetlands, I am so sorry. And sorry also to be so slow to this thread. I am on the road and only reading by phone so had missed the whole off topic section for days.

Well. I knew about your dad's situation but not the most acute developments. I knew that work was s bit stressful, but not the timeline before your holiday. And I did not know this new worry about your son.
You are balancing so much. Huge hugs to you and hoping things ease up in the near future. Xoxoxox

Svetlana. Not Shetlands. Stupid spell correct. Why I hate typing on my phone.

Dear Lady,

That all sounds like so much. I can't imagine what all this must feel like as it rests on your shoulders.

May you have some respite soon.
Lucy Rose

Wishing you all the fortitude.

Hugs to you, girlfriend! Life has been super busy for me, but not stressful, and I haven't been on much either. Take it one day at a time and pop in when you can.

Whoa horsey. You're a tough cookie.

If it comes in three's then you should be taken care of. How stressful for you! I haven't been the most active either lately since the birth of DD2 but the YLF community is so generous and welcoming. And your closet is fab so at least you don't have to worry about that!

I am sorry I was not able to reply earlier but you know why
Thank you all so much for your compassion and kindness, they do make my current load a bit lighter.

So sorry all this is hitting you at once. It is hard when your parents can no longer manage on your own and can't/won't cooperate to get better care. I've been there and I know how difficult and stressful it is.

Please get as much rest as you can when you have a chance and make sure you eat well. We'll be thinking about you and look forward to your return to posting. Thanks for letting us know.

Sveta, I am so sorry for all the stress in your life. Back in January, my friends and I went to a conference on being in the "sandwich" generation. Juggling this time of life with a career in its prime, elderly parents, and young adult children who are struggling to get a foothold themselves is one of the most difficult. At the time, it all seemed so theoretical but then it all played out in my life, much as it has for you. I hope you are finding enough support in family, friends and community.