I love my watch. I still use it. I have my cell phone with me all the time, but for time and date, I use the watch. Old habits die hard I guess. Mine is a Buluva mixed metal watch with, date and a second hand. It's the longest lasting watch I've ever owned. I've had more expensive watches, but this one has been the best. Oh, I just noticed, it's doing that double click thing when the seconds go by which means it's time for a new battery! Good thing you posted, or I might not have looked so closely! I have to head to the jeweler tomorrow!!

I wear a watch and love it, but I'm old.

I'm so old, in fact, that I remember my second-grade math workbook with "time pages" in which there were pictures of clocks and we had to tell the time, and also, I think, calculate, for example, how many minutes between the time on Clock A and the time on Clock B. (Ha! They still exist!)

Are you able to be honest with her that you will wear the watch only once a month or so? So that you don't feel like you HAVE to wear it all the time? If she's okay with that I do think you'd find a reason to wear it. I'm 31 and find a watch to be much more discrete for checking the time in my work setting. But if you think you can convince her to buy a bracelet or something more desirable, go for it. But back to watches...I like the two that you picked and maybe the white isn't such big deal if you don't wear it often? Have you ever tried a magic eraser to touch up white leather? Also, straps are pretty easy to replace. Or, is there an option in rose gold? I seem to recall you posting on that subject in the past.

49 years old and I stopped wearing watches in my late 20s, long before iPhones and laptops. Why? Because I was that anxious kid growing up, the one that got a stomach ache when the school bus was late. I stopped wearing a watch when my kids were born and who needed a watch then - they cried when they wanted to be fed or go to bed and that's all I needed to know what general time it was.

Flash forward and because of YLF I can totally see the fashion sense in wearing a watch, something fashionable and more like jewelry. So I do, every now and then, try on a watch as a fashion accessory. But it doesn't last all that long and I am cheap about it and don't invest a lot of $ in it, since fashion whims change so fast. Chunky watch would be great (fashionably) but hard to find the right size when you are 5'0 tall with small wrists -- has to be to scale.

If I need to know the time I am already surrounded by clocks. Car clocks. Laptop. iPhone. Everyone else's iPhones.

I'm in my early thirties and I always wear a watch. I always feel a little lost without it and keep checking my (empty) wrist. I like being able to know what time it is in meetings or on transit without having to dig out my iPhone.

I have two Fossil watches. Both are stainless steel. One is chunky with a pink face and the other has an oversized white face. I treat them as jewelry, inasmuch as I don't wear the pink face with crazy colors but goes well with neutrals and I think the oversized one adds a bit of drama to my daily outfits.

Rhea, do we have the same mother? Mine always completely means well, but gets oddly stubborn and specific about Things She Thinks I Need.

I'm in my 30s and have always worn a watch every day for basically the same reasons people have mentioned. I don't always have my phone right with me and, even if I do, it's easier to just look at my wrist than drag the phone out. I like how a nice watch looks as an accessory and, since putting one on is so automatic for me, it's a really low-effort way to look a little more put-together. And Thistle's point about meetings is key! Same thing for any situation where you're counting down the minutes until it's over, but are too polite to want to make it obvious.

I have two watches I wear regularly. One's a delicate two-tone metal one that I coincidentally got a few years ago when my parents (by which I mean mostly my mom) gave me money to use towards a nice, "adult" watch for my birthday. The other is a chunky rose gold Michael Kors one with a very similar face to the second one you linked. It turns out that, once I had one nice watch I enjoyed wearing, I wanted another one I could wear when I felt like something a little more statement-y.

If you really don't think you'll wear a watch, I like the idea people have suggested of gently seeing if your mom might be open to getting you another piece of special jewelry that you'd wear and appreciate more instead.

I'm an old fashioned gal, I tell time by my watch, not my cell phone. I wear a watch 24/7, the only time I have it off is when I'm in the shower! I have a nice little collection, all trendy/fashionable with one vintage wind-up that was my mother's.

I like the first white one the best, but since you don't have good experiences with white, you might want to see if it comes in black!

Another watch wearer - I don't feel like pulling out my phone to check the time in a lot of circumstances, and, maybe more importantly, I am one of those compulsively on time people that needs to know what time it is! Regardless, it is a shame to accept a gift that you won't use, but I will leave the family dynamics up to you.

I still wear watches. I think watches are one of the most classic accessory.

I wear a watch almost everyday and I do it to look at the time. I'm seeing my watch as a watch first, an accessory second. I do have a smartphone, but honestly I'm not looking at it 24/7. Often my phone is somewhere in my bag and digging it out just to look at the time would make me crazy. That said, if you wouldn't want to wear a watch, be honest and tell your mum. I think there's nothing wrong with being honest about which present you would like (or not) and why. Just do it in a tactful way. Getting a nice watch you won't wear is a waste of money.

Tell you Mother that buying this "present" will be a waste of money and that if she wants to buy you something you would like _____ instead.
I have learned there is no purpose served in buying something for someone that you want to give them but they don't want.

Consider how much space is devoted here to purging unworn, unused and unwanted things.

I am older too.Nonetheless, I have a very large silver DKNY watch (5 years old!) that I am still wearing and loving. The shiny cream leather band that came with it wore out and I replaced it with a metal band last spring. I also have a large gold watch with a black leather band for when I am wearing gold hardware.

A watch is a fashion staple for me but it sounds like not for you.

I am wondering if there something under the surface with this ongoing "discussion" with your mom? Aubergine and Meredith are also asking you a similar question. Just something to consider!

I own two watches. I don't wear them and both of their batteries have been dead for a long, long time. I still have them though so if I ever get around to replacing the batteries, I might wear them.

60+ here and I stopped wearing watches years ago before mobile phones could tell time. I always considered them jewelry when I did wear them, though. Here is a pictorial of the history of the mobile phone.