I'm looking at adding a pair of sandals -- mayyyyybe two -- for the upcoming warm summer months. I have a decent collection but I like to keep summer footwear modern and a little tough/sporty to offset the softer silhouettes and colors that take over my summer style.

I'm thinking of adding a pair of white sandals, and have ordered the two pairs below. The cream Sorels have already arrived, along with two pairs of black Sorels. I already have thoughts about them, but I need to try them on for some extended wear around the house before making decisions.

But I want to ask about white vs. cream, especially relating to footwear. I'm not big on white shoes, but I have added two pairs of white sneakers in the last few years and I now love them and get lots of wear out of them. I haven't had white sandals in a very long time. The white fisherman sandals by Seychelles won't arrive for another couple of weeks, I think, but the cream Sorels are so far my favorite in terms of comfort of the three Sorel styles I tried. The lace-up detail is great for creating a secure fit, and it's an attractive, flattering style that also has some substance in the form of the platform sole. Chunky AND flattering is a tall order.

The white in my closet tends to be more bright white, not so much cream. Cool or neutral white tends to look a little better on my skin tone than warmer shades, but having a little suntan on my skin helps. I held these sandals up to my patterned skirts and dresses, and it certainly looks like they'd go with everything just fine. My white summer tops are all true white, not cream. If I wanted to wear a complement, the only white bag I own is a true white crossbody (see below). My snake print bag would work too, as would of course any other bag that goes with whatever else I'm wearing besides the shoes. But does it bother anyone to mix cream and white this way? I used to be a bit of a purist about things matching but I think my eye is relaxing.