Ok - colour me shocked. Nordstrom's site has a TON of white boot options; many, many more than were there last time I checked (maybe back in September?) It's taken me more time than usual to warm up to this look, mostly because it seems too precious for my everyday life. As in, how will they not show every single spec of dust and lint and dirt? And how weird will they look in northern winter low light? Anyways - enough with the excuses. Time to bite the bullet and order. There are literally TWO pair of white boots in Winnipeg - one is at Brown's and a little more than what I want to spend, and the other is at The Bay and is not leather, and looks clubby/crappy. So - has anyone seen any of these in person? (I know several members own the one Naturalizer style, but what about the rest?) I want to avoid a covered heel, and am going to go with a lower-heel, less dressy look. The GEOX"S have been incredibly reduced and I might pull the trigger on those just because of the price, but do like the others I have shown here. Of course, what I really want are the $1000 Chloe's but will have to press the NO button on those

Any comments or experience with any of these is/are most welcome.


p.s. there are obviously a lot of more interesting-looking and stylish white boots at Nordstrom, but these fall into the price range I have set (I'm not going in big $-wise on something I've never worn before) .