Red to match your new Boden purse.

This is tough. You love red, but the blush are perfect for all your dresses. I will say blush, but either or both are all good!

Blush! To bookend your hair and lengthen the leg line. Hi Inge!

The blush look more in line with where you seem to be bringing your style nowadays, yet the red ones are simply so adorable, and fit your foot so well... that I am betting on the red.

I am going with red.

Red. Using my imagination a bit, the pattern in the shoes could be bumps or polka dots to go with the beautiful blazer. The piping on the shoes is a dead ringer for the stitching in your jeans. Truth of the matter I think you bought both pairs.

I wanted to say both as well. I would get red. I'm saying red.

I"m hoping red. The color just pops.

Blush because they bookend your hair better than the red.

Red because it's unique! Another great blush shoe might be easier to find?

Can't go wrong either way. "Hi" to Dear Papa and Lovely Inge!

If you only bought one, I'm guessing red.

This was REALLY fun. HAH.

It was a hard choice, and it took me a while to decide. I was leaning towards the blush, Inge was leaning towards the blush, and then Greg sealed the deal with preferring the blush when I sent him these pics. The blush are less messy-looking, and slightly more refined. ALL your reasons for me choosing blush are dead right. I’m impressed. Well done to all those who chose blush - but you also made great assumptions as to why I would choose the red. I almost come home with both....

Lovely! The blush shoes are very pretty and chic.

Beautiful blush and great reasons for choosing them. I love the toe and heel details.

It was so fun reading through all the guesses:-)
And BOTH pairs really were stunning, so it was very hard to choose, but the blush pair is extra refined and are totally you, Angie!! So glad we found these!!!!

Hi Debora and AJ!!

Oh, so sorry I am late to the party, but I would have voted for the blush one, too! That artly draped crease detail on the toe of the blush one seems to me so much more refined and unique that it just couldn't be beaten by any red bow on a more retro shoe. Even if red is your happy color of all times, it seems to me the blush shoe matches your present style better than the other one! Looking great with your hair and fair complexion, too!

Both are beautiful, I would buy both, but if I have to vote for one - RED.

Nice choice! They've both so cute that I probably would have come home with both. My reasoning would have been that they're different enough that they wouldn't get worn with the same outfits.

I thought after today's blog post you would have for sure chosen the red! I'm sure you will love the blush.

(This is what gets me - I voted for blush, but I’m still wrong because I guessed I’d be wrong! Ahaha! )

Good choice! As much as I love the houndstooth pattern of the other pair, the red bow isn’t as polished and sleek as the bow on the blush pair. And I love the pattern on the heels of the blush pair too