New prints for me : camo, snake, leopard ( pants, jeans and sleeveless top ).
New shape for me : boyfriend and slightly oversized.
New length : midi skirts ( one is ombre somewhat similar to what @anchie showed earlier in the summer ).
Utilitarian pieces : love them but don't have enough now. Still looking.
Sneakers : love and wear them everywhere. Would like to have one more pair in some new shape/color/style.
Fabrics : got more linen pieces this summer.

I also wouldn't call the ripskirt trendy, even though it's a wrap skirt - it seems a more functional item to me. (Not that items can't be functional AND trendy - as I was arguing here last week lol - but the straight cut and utilitarian nature of the rip skirt make it seem more of a basic to me.)

Fair Isle. I had thrifted a chenille sweater in almost navy but the yoke was in almost neon colors. Cheered me up immensely to wear this in winter.

Like Sal, I'm probably more trend-driven than I think. Because my wardrobe is small enough to wear through my essentials in a few years, those things stay pretty up to date (for example, my jeans are all high-waisted at this point, my cardigans are modern cuts). Updating regularly, even the type of moderate shopping I do, means I'd actually have to spend EXTRA time searching for dated cuts and colors.

Trends I've added as statements over the past few years include:
Maximal embroidery
Jumpsuit (started out as a statement, but has become an essential!)
Dark Floral
Midi Skirt
Wide Legs
Wrap Skirt

I've adjusted the WAY I wear pieces, as well. I agree that sneakers with dressier pieces (especially midis!) is THE shift of the decade. It wasn't that long ago, that doing that looked disconnected and dated, calling up images of 80s commuters or conservative religious dress not associated with fashion.

Fashiontern - I'm not confused by or about the Ripskirt . It is a fun piece found by Janet a few weeks ago, and several forum members liked it and also purchased it. It's a style made by a Hawaiian company (I'm sure you've googled this) as a activewear coverup piece. Nothing trendy about it. A good, classic design that you might understand better as a forum trend .

eta: I'd absolutely own a few myself if they weren't so costly in Cdn $. (costly for me, that is)

Thanks, lisa p! A "forum trend" is a good explanation. I missed Janet's post, but ever since Joy mentioned the skirts on one of my posts, I've been trying to figure this out.

I remember "lemming" as a term when several of us bought the same thing too- but "forum trend" sounds nicer

I'm leaning into rib-knit tank tops, longer/wider shorts, and more long and voluminous dresses and skirts this summer. I have also appeared in public in fashion-y white leather sneakers a few times.

I believe I am a few years late with the sneakers and the midi-length dresses. (e_e)

(also I like kkards' rainbow sneaks}

Interesting, I haven’t followed “trendy” colors. I choose colors that I like and that are suitable for my complexion. I’m very happy to find earthy colors trendy, so more options are available in retail. I always considered leopard print classic and have it in my accessories.
Last year I bought a “wild card” cotton jacket in pistachio. I only realized later it was a “trendy” color

Lisa, your body type is perfect for these new looks. (rib tanks, wide shorts, voluminous dresses) I'd kill to be able to dress like Anine Bing , for example, and probably am lucky my body type makes those looks laughable on me or I'd be broke You make me laugh with your fashion-y white sneakers comment

So much great discussion. I think Brooklyn and Sally are really onto something with their comments about the way we wear items being more "trendy" than the items themselves (in many cases) and also with the shift of silhouette reflecting what we might call a long-term trend...the direction of fashion in a particular decade. Which we really can't decide in advance -- it's only hindsight that shows us what the long-term trends or "concepts" were. I like that way of looking at it, Vildy and Shevia -- fashion as "idea."

Will be back to respond more soon.

Irina, the switch to earth tones definitely seems like a trend, but one that works for many who have struggled to find "their" colours for years. (Not cool toned people like me will struggle more. Ah, well -- that's okay. Everybody deserves their day, and denim blue is always available.)

Lisa, I know you look great in all those looks. The voluminous skirt thing is fun. I like a bit of swish.

Haha, suntiger -- you are right -- forum trend sounds so much nicer than lemming!! Thanks for that, LisaP!

Fashintern, what LisaP said about the ripskirt. Angie did a blog post on it, too. It's a useful item if your lifestyle lends itself toward it.

Jenn, that's a great point about a small wardrobe lending itself automatically to purchasing some trend items -- like it or not, when stuff wears out, you have to replace it! That's actually one of the key advantages of a smaller wardrobe, I think. Just when you are starting to get a bit sick of an item, it's past it's due date and you get to try something new. I love your newer "trend" items, by the way. You have built a crazy-wonderful closet!

Slim cat -- sounds like you have a beautifully updated closet!

"I actually think it’s harder to avoid trends than most people think!"

Brooklyn, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes people talk about trends as if they are something to be suspicious about. I guess that depends on how you define “trend” — but truthfully, I don’t see how you can avoid them unless you don’t buy anything new at all for ten years.

It's just that we sometimes don't recognize them as trends once the style concepts becomes familiar to outfit juxtaposition, for instance.

Bijou, those beautiful colourful midi skirts must bring you so much joy. Swish swish swish — there is something luxe in that feeling, right?

suntiger — I completely forgot that blue was trending this year! Because I wear so darn much of it, I guess….love those booties of yours….

Liesbeth — great point about your new denim jacket. One item can really tilt a look. Angie tried to get me to buy one of those last year but I resisted…not sure why…

Kkards — a lot of your trend items are bottoms which makes so much sense since you wear bottoms so well.

Fashintern, I love your red flares. Those are a fun pant! And yes, pink and white are not interchangeable by any means. One of those discoveries we never seem to make until after the (purchasing) fact…

Lyn, midis are SO great. I’ll be sad indeed when that trend passes.

Robin, sounds like we are on a similar wavelength with the footwear…

Vildy, I always love your stories. You've had a rich and absorbing life in fashion! But I am scratching my head over the idea of you in polo shirts. I wouldn’t have pegged you as a polo wearer! But never say never, right? And, as you also said, it’s in the way it is worn, the “idea” of it…

I don’t wear mules for the same reason as you. I like the look, but hate the idea of falling.

Roberta — jumpsuits can be so much fun!

Joy, you are the perfect candidate for white shoes and booties and may you find as many great ones as you can!!

Carla, I like your logical way of categorizing by item or by styling concept. Perfect. Simple and elegant. I should try that for myself as well. Our lists would be very similar.

Nemosmom — those trends all seem so “you” that it makes absolute sense you would adopt them!

Roxanna — yes, I can absolutely see that — earth tones were a big switch but a great one for you! You really wear all colours well but this re-jigged your closet.

Suz, thanks for another great topic!

YES, to all the items you mentioned as trending from your recent purchases list. While wrap style bottoms are more regularly found as swimwear cover-ups - and a classic in that sense - you are right that the wrap skirt is having its fashion moment because of the throwback to '90s trends. Classics do have their trendy fashion moment, and I love that

Sal makes an excellent point about wearing sneakers with dressier attire (like skirts/dresses) as one of the biggest trends of all. To Jenn's point too, about remixing things in new ways to reflect the current trends.

Lyn67's point about the switcheroo from wearing jeans/heels to dresses/sneakers is dead right too. An antithesis of sorts.

(Suz you can add hair, high rises, and the way you combine sneakers with suits and wear long cardigans with wide crops - to your trends list).

I'm trendiest in my bottoms, toppers, hair, eyewear, and some dresses. I'm a lot more classic with tops, scarves, footwear, make-up, jewellery, and bags. Recent trendy purchases do show some trendier tops because they work well with the trendier bottoms. But my classics work well with everything, and I like to remix it all SIMPAT style.

Showing trendy purchases that go back a few years (so not that recent) in Finds. I thought that might illustrate the point better:

body con tops, high rises, paper bag/pleated waists, cropped pullovers, wide crops, puffed sleeves, bias-cut skirt, BIG shirt, cuffed jeans, flared jeans, Mom jeans, meaningful slogans on tops, fuzzy jacket, aviator, pleated skirt, tiered dress, carpenter jeans, chore jacket Dad sneakers, and LOTS of midis!

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Angie, all of that makes sense. I love how you are able to incorporate trend items so seamlessly into your closet -- it's a great example to us all. Your purchases definitely show the influence of longer term trends (if that makes sense) -- meaning the shift in silhouette. And agreed -- the way we wear it is also an important part of the picture.

I think I fall into the Brooklyn/Sally/Vildy/Shevia camp of fashion as an ever-changing series of ideas about proportions, shapes, silhouettes, images, themes, and combinations. The “trends” emerge as designers and innovators experiment, copy, and refine ideas into specific items which can be sourced or imitated by the rest of population.

The fun of fashion, for me is how to incorporate the “freshness” of a trend into something I’d actually find wearable. Right now the trends which I’m working with are pairing my sneakers with tailored, wide-legged pants, wearing chore jackets with flared, cropped pants, and experimenting COS-style boxy, voluminous looks. Despite their “trendiness”, dresses and skirts remain almost non-existent in my closet as are prints and florals. My recent purchases have been either boxy, cropped tops, ribbed sweaters, or wider legged pants. My low-heeled footwear is from my closet and I’ve resurrected many of my decades-old, cross-body leather bags which were hiding in my closet. My formerly essential T-shirts are gradually being replaced by closer-fitting sweaters and structural, woven tops. My new eyewear is a geometric, emerald-green, metal frame.

Ah, well, SUZ, I tried some polos when I was wearing wide leg crops and I was looking for an earnest feel. They did look that. I enjoyed them for a brief while until I couldn't stand them anymore. Tried them when I was in my 20s, too, along with beefy oxford cloth shirts. Had a totally different figure then and thought *that* might have been the problem but no. They *are* good for being sort of incognito, though. My husband used to fill in forms asking for description as Nondescript.
That's me in those style items all right.

Vildy, you could never be "nondescript." But I hear you on polos. I tried to wear them in my 20s, too. Weird thing is, they looked great on my mum (who didn't have a notably preppy style).

Gaylene, I love the sounds of your new specs!! Hope to see them one day when social distancing relaxes some...

I am really with all of you who think in terms of fashion as a series of ideas....the more we think conceptually that way, the more likely it is we will pick trends that we like personally and that work for us over the long term, i.e. that we can easily incorporate into our personal style the way Angie does.

When I responded yesterday, I can’t believe I didn’t think of midi-length dresses and skirts, which are well represented in my closet.

And I, too, have been wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts. My middle-aged feet love the comfort, but let’s call it being on top of a fashion trend.

These are some of mine from the last 12 months. My very favorite purchases are the midi dresses and long blazers. And yes to wearing everything with white sneakers. Right now, the trends make me happy.
Also loving my midi shirtdresses to death, but not sure if those are really trendy?
And I did join the Ripskirt bandwagon- it’s a YLF trend, at least!

Love those new dresses of yours, Preppy Pear. And I think the belted midi shirtdresses might not be a "trend" this year but they are still exceptionally stylish!

Are midi lengths trendy? I thought they’d been around for at least a decade this time.

The only thing I can describe as trendy that I’ve bought recently are my cropped wide leg jeans. My life has been very utilitarian in recent years and I just can’t figure out how to fit many current trends into it without it feeling forced.

I suspect everyone is right about the slow diffusion of trends in silhouettes and colors into all areas of retail, so we’ve all picked up items that fit the description without meaning to.

I like to keep my jeans and bottoms trendy. I also love the high rise and wide-legged pants. I jumped on that trend early.
Earth tones have always been the main colour palette in my wardrobe so I guess sometimes I am in fashion and sometimes I am on the fringe. I definitely have been enjoying all the great colour choices out there.
A lot of my purchases were utilitarian chic. I have been enjoying that trend a lot.

These are some of my latest purchases:

Sanctuary Pants - Utility Chic
BR jeans - High Rise Wide-Legged Pants
Fidelity jeans - High Rise Pants
Olive Boots - Combat Boots
Body Suit
Lululemon Midi Coat
Hair Accessories
Saddle Bag
Chocolate Brown T-Neck Sweater
Oatmeal Sweater with button detail
Esser jeans - High Rise Wide-Legged Cropped jeans
Chore Jacket - not shown

I have been trying ti incorporate new trends and stay true to my personal style, I purchased those items over the last 2 years and The majority seems to work well with my lifestyle.

Midi dresses
Polka midi skirt (haven't worn it yet, not sure if this is due to the lockdown or the skirt itself)

I'd like to try mum's jeans and shirt dresses, maybe they could be interesting shapes to add to my wardrobe.

I’m not sure? If animal print is/was a trend I bought my first piece in 2012 and my first shoes in it in 2015, so they’re not recent. Still wear both.
Snakeskin is new to me since 2018 and I now have 3 pair pants and olive boots. (But I had bought black snakeskin pumps in 1984 which had lasted at least 13 years!)
Camo is new to me since 2018, one tank which I enjoy.
Maybe my shoes are where I buy trends?- several booties in recent years some a bit Western? And the black high-vamp loafers.

Oh, and maybe the earth tones esp bronze and rust, since 2018.

Hmm, I think the only items I've bought in the last year that might qualify as 'on trend' would be my circular straw bag, and my tan coatigan (which I annoyingly didn't get to wear this "spring" - fingers crossed that we get a fall!). However, these might be more "current classics" than trends ... frankly I have no idea what's trending

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I bought a big/boxy/oversized shirt recently. I own skinny ankle jeans, even though I almost never leave the length exposed; I tuck them into boots or cuff them over taller shelf ankle booties. I also own a pain of high-waisted cropped wide legs but have yet to wear them.
I suppose any trends I seize upon are those that fall within my comfort zone.y comfort zone generally consists of a skinny leg bottom and an oversized top. I grew up in the 80s (hair bands) and became an adult in the 90s (Seattle grunge, industrial rock); it seems to have shaped my preferences for life, as I gravitate towards tough/RATE/heroin chic quite a lot.
Im so glad Angie keeps emphasizing DYOT, because I'm reaching that "certain age" where I increasingly dress for myself, and care less and less whether I'm wearing trendy items. It's also so nice to have this community of supportive people to help me find ways to feel authentic to myself AND socially acceptable when a specific occasion requires me to be more polished and put together. (it took a whole fab community to help me dress for my sister's wedding and I'm STILL grateful for that one!)

I don't set out to follow trends but I had a colour & style consultation &, ever since then, it seems the most flattering pieces for my body & lifestyle are what's on trend now. Case in point;

- Safari (the usual utilitarian trend is too boxy on me, so I bought a jacket with waist definition & in an earthy warm beige colour instead.)
- High-waisted Bottoms (I can't remember the last time I even bought low- or mid-rise ones!)
- Two bags (this was actually born out of my practical needs as a teacher, to keep my essentials close to me as I teach whilst still being able to dump my bigger bag full of materials in my office.)
- Softer bags (building on the above, apparently a structured style doesn't look that great against my soft curves, so I thrifted one of those pouf style dumpling bags, only to see those & bucket bags have been declared 'it'.
- Circle bags (have been trying to replace a crossbody bag I bought back in 2013 that finally gave up the ghost, & now I see them everywhere! May buy one as a backpack re: the above, looking for curved rather than sharp edges)
- Pantsuit (this was just because I prefer to stay covered with fabric than hoisery, & it seems maxi skirt suits aren't that easy to find. Also, my pear shape means a longer blazer looks better on me than a hip-length one.)
- Earth tones Like in the safari look above, I switched to chocolate brown as my neutral because it's softer on me whilst still being deep enough for my colouring. Apparently dark brown leather shoes are in now, too!)

It's a little annoying that all of the purchases I carefully planned out ages ago are mostly trendy now, but maybe that's because I've subconsciously been absorbing subliminal messaging? Either way, all I know is that this abundance of retail items that look OK on me won't last forever, so you can bet I'm stocking up whilst I still can!