Processing comments from my last post & boiling it down to one question.

I’m putting together a small set of workwear for now, to be combined with my other things later. It needs to cover a range of dress codes, from fairly formal to fairly casual. Plan was 2 blazers, 2 skirts, 2 dresses, with the skirts and this dark navy flecked blazer from MDutti at the core. It doesn’t look like that’s working.

Of the dresses I ordered, the only one that fits is also dark navy. When I wear it with the Dutti, the overall effect is too much darkness. The grey blazer is better with the dress.

The skirts are A-line, so the short navy blazer is best with them.

Should I proceed with the plan and send back either the grey blazer or the short navy one, keeping the M Dutti? Which should stay and which should go?

I could buy Dutti a friend so it doesn’t become a closet orphan. Back in the plan, the idea was that my dressiest look would be that blazer + a sheath. If I return the Dutti blazer, what do I have that’s that dressy?

Thanks for helping me figure this out.