Though I buck the trend and am more a B&M shopper, I do order in and will return what doesn’t work. I’ll also return items purchased in B&M stores that don’t work once I’ve got them home and determined if they belong in my closet or not.

This year most of my purchases having been made in person. I don’t have a count for returns of online or in person returns, but items purchased and living in my closet break down as follows:

Winners - 9 items (in person)
Eddie Bauer - 3 items (1 in person, 2 on line)
Thrift - 2 items (in person) - 2 (online) - 1 (online) - 1 (online)
Shooz - 1 (in person)
Uniqlo - 1 (in person)
Joe Fresh - 1 (on line)
Hudson’s Bay - 2 (1 in person, 1 online)
H&M - 1 (in person)
MWWH - 1 (in person)

I live in a small community (pop. 17,000) and a Winners store is the closest thing to a department store we have. There are now at least 6 thrift or curated second hand clothing shops in town as well as 2 independent women’s wear shops and an independent shoe shop. Big malls and Big City shops are an hour away.

Last year MWWH got most of my wardrobe budget, along with indi shoe store Shooz and Uniqlo. Nordstroms, Lululemon, Bikini Village, Mango, and the charity shops also got a piece.

Where are you doing your shopping?