Last week I accepted an offer for a public school teaching job that will put me in the classroom 4 days a week. I already teach one morning and one afternoon a week, so with this new position I’ll be very close to full-time, and with my occasional but steady gig work (acting and writing) I’ll be pretty much at my maximum, employment-wise. I am incredibly fortunate that the school wants to work around my schedule so I won’t need to abandon my existing commitments or find extra childcare for DS. It’s even a reasonable commute! I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect arrangement.

I have enough in my closet to get me through a full work week, no problem. I can’t overemphasize how casual schools are around here. Typical attire is something along the lines of jeans/sweater/clogs or boots (anything from hiking boots to Uggs to Blundstones to riding boots). You see a lot of plain cotton turtlenecks, leggings with tunics or shift dresses, flannels and hoodies, etc. I don’t plan to wear my hoodies and hiking boots, but I’m also not desperate for anything new or different from what I already wear. I also have a lot of prep work I need to do before I step into the classroom in December, so I don’t have much time to devote to shopping and try-ons and returns. So not-shopping has been really easy!

That said, I’ve been doing *a lot* of brainstorming during my No-shop-vember. Not browsing -- just playing around with what I have and taking note of what completer pieces I’m missing. I have some very specific stuff I’d like to add. A lot of it is bigger-ticket items so I might have to do some prioritizing and much of it will probably wait until after the holidays. Here’s my brainstorm list right now:

  • a wool coat specifically to wear over blazers and chunky knitwear (think oversized/cocoon style). NOT black or navy.
  • a slouchy leather tote or hobo bag. Have a feeling DH is giving me one for Christmas that I showed him a while ago.
  • a simple canvas “fashion” backpack. Not interested in trendy logos like Herschel or Kanken, but do want an alternative to my gear daypack.
  • a new pair of tall boots probably in black, but maybe dark brown or dark burgundy. More refined than my Frye Veronica moto's.
  • a new dress or two to go with said tall boots. Knee-length or midi, with sleeves. Need to be sturdy, washable, natural fibers.

Sad to say I have not been taking WIW photos at all this month. We’ve been traveling on the weekends to visit family in Montreal QC and Burlington VT (might do a separate write-up on that) and hosting some family this week as well, so just don’t have the time. I’ve found myself gravitating strongly towards tonal black/navy/ink combos. Somehow this feels much more interesting on me than wearing all black, and I haven’t been feeling a need to add much extra colour to these outfits once I’m dressed. Sometimes a lighter/brighter scarf or hat, but that’s about it.

I’m also still very much enjoying my little mustard capsule, which is easy to pair with blacks and blues. I’m loving all of my new ribbed layering tops (the Madewell sweater and the two Amour Vert turtlenecks). I have a lot of texture in my wardrobe, which seems to mitigate my need for colour somewhat. Both pairs of Everlane Cheeky Straights are in high rotation. They fit *very* differently. The Stay Black pair is a much slimmer cut, sort of a high-rise cigarette style, and looks quite polished. The Washed Black is much more relaxed (and so, so comfy!) like a mom jean. I’m tempted to try the latter in a size or two down, or else in Everlane’s updated boyfriend style (judging by the measurements I think it would fit me much better than their original boyfriend jeans did). It’s an extremely versatile colour for me and doesn’t collect dog hair the way the Stay Black does. Also loving my navy Boden cords. (Oh, and I did try the flared version of these back in October but returned because the brown colour read too burgundy in real life. I have a bad track record with burgundy pants -- they don't get worn.)

That’s about it! Apologies in advance if I don’t get back to this thread for a while. Between holidays and new job, things are a bit of a whirlwind for now.

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